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I have a question that I cannot seem to find an answer to.  In the past I had contacted WG to have my account deleted, apparently someone is using my old account.  How do I deal with this situation?  There are no areas where I can submit a ticket for something like that that I have found.   I know it has all of the ships that I had plus extra now, and a different name on it.  It is suppose to be Fireball041369.

Thank you in advance.



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I signed up my girlfriend's son awhile ago using my email address but he lost interest (to slow for his instant gratification mind). But low and behold, I liked it!  So I start another account under another email address of mine. Well, as things go on I get into the game and decide to buy a token amount of doubloons to check things out.......

WELLLLL....let me tell you, it all went to hell after that. I'm in MY account, MY nickname, MY email address trying to buy doubloons and who's account comes up? My girlfriend's son's fricki'n account!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THAT?????? So I figure that an expediant work around might be to simply "gift" the doubloons from the boy's account to mine, which is what I do. I go back to my account, my port, my email.......NO DOUBLOONS!!!! I go check the boy's account...NO DOUBLOONS!!!!  Stupidly I go through the whole thing once more and still, NO FRIGGIN DOUBLOONS...but.... I GET CHARGED ON MY GODDAMN VISA FOR IT!!!!!

SOOOOOO after hours of "TICKETS" trying to resolve the money back issue (apparently the doubloons vanished into Davey Jones locker) I finally get the charges reversed. 

SOOOOOOO........ now I try to delete the boy's account because I figure it MUST have something to do with things getting all F#$%ed up in the first place.

( WoW's has not got a clue or a suggestion to help) ....and NOW, if you can believe it Ladies and Gentleman it keeps kicking me out and wont let me do it.  My confidence in your game is plummeting by the second lads. If you don't run (not walk) to figure this out I am going to cut you a new one on the net.

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