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Morse code Easter egg?

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someone whose actually talented, could you please check to see if its morse? 

I can confirm the saucer makes clicking noises in an erratic fashion, but im a numpty so i have no idea what it is.

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6 minutes ago, CLUCH_CARGO said:

Probably something in the April Fools genre.

Or like the blinking light in the dry-dock port . 


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I actually know Morse Code.

I listened to the Spaceport and I could not hear anything that triggered my recognition.  Even if I couldn't follow it, I could be pretty sure it was there.  However, I could not isolate any signal to try to copy.

One possibility is that the frequency is in a range I can no longer here due to jet engines, explosions, and rock music.


I also looked at the light in the Naval Base.

There is definitely a pattern there.  I could not find character or word boundaries in the sequence that match a visual representation of Morse Code.  The breaks seem to be lit when they should be dark.  There is a clear dark pause between the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next.

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