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Citadeling T10 BBs at 10 km

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So I just did a training room test where using a Yamato I would shoot at broadside T10 BBs at 10 km as many times as possible in 20 minutes, and here are the results (citadels/non-citadel hits).

Yamato: 57/85

Montana: 41/95

GK: 0

Conqueror: 5/102

Republique: 0

Republique and GK literally can't be citadeled at 10 km when broadside because of the turtleback. In fact, Republique can't be citadeled unless you're under 6 km (my furthest citadel in this test) probably because the turtleback, while not at the best angle like the Germans, adds so much thickness to protection. Conqueror eats a citadel once every blue moon because of how deep underwater it is. Yamato and Montana are by far the easiest to citadel. WG Q&A even said that Yamato and Montana take similar amounts of citadel since the USN BB citadel change. 

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7 minutes ago, Taichunger said:

If you didnt cit GK, you were shooting wrong spot

By all means dont say which spot you mean

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