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Diabolically Exasperating Nefarious Yobos 2nd Fleet is looking for competitive minded Captains!!!

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DENY 2nd Fleet is actively seeking  Mature Competitive Players 

What is DENY 2nd Fleet all about?

         Diabolically Exasperating Nefarious Yobos 2nd Fleet is a  new Clan in WOWS and we are looking to grow! We are the feeder clan for (DENY)  and we are seeking members aggressively but we are focusing on quality and not quantity.  We are looking for new players who want to learn and grow with us or players who are have been around awhile but know they need a clan to help them reach the next level.  We are looking for players that show an ability to learn, change, and grow as the game changes.   Additionally, you must be willing to division up in random battles and participate in training sessions on occasion. Regardless of age immature behavior such as being unreliable, whining, raging, pouting, etc… will not be tolerated and that member will get the boot.  English does not have to be your 1st language but we have to be able to communicate on Voice. Communication is key. We use discord and it is required for all division play and you must have a working mic. ( If you do not have one you must agree to get one within 14 days).

What do we Believe?  

Always be learning. We learn from each other every battle.  THERE IS NO ROOM FOR ANYONE WHO BELIEVES THEY ARE GODS GIFT TO WOWS and refuses to take advice from others.

All members must be of good character and have good ethics. We don't do things like padding our stats, talking smack after a kill, or any other arrogant insecure thing you see many players do. 

Be innovative. We believe in finding new strategies and tactics to win. We keep an open mind always.

We do not put others down for their personal beliefs. We do not discuss politics or religion.

And we will not tolerate discrimination  of *any* type which includes (but not limited to):


Age (we will accept all ages as long as they meet the age requirements that War Gaming has set forth as long as that person conducts him or herself as a mature player.)  

National Origin

Sexual Orientation


Sexual Gender / Gender Identity



You are really into this game and want to play with like-minded passionate people.

You want to learn and always improve your skill set.

And most importantly you want to have fun with friends.

To apply please go to clans tab in game and type the word DENY2 in the clan search. 

Once you submit an application "game " the process will go like this:  1) Either myself or one of my Deputy Commanders will review your stats in depth and be in contact with you and we will let you know at that point if we want to move forward. If so then...  2) We will want to Division up for a few matches (we will send you our Discord server invite at this stage) to see if we are a good fit for one another and if all goes well you are in. in


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