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Troubridge-Class Battleship (fiction)

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The Troubridge-Class battleships were a pair of super-dreadnought battleships built for the Royal [Redacted] Navy from 1918 to 1920. The two ships of the class were named Troubridge and Hallowell.


Specifications (as built):

Four screws with single rudder

Speed: 26.2 knots

16 900 km operational range



320mm main belt

203mm upper belt

180mm casemate armour

120mm deck armour over boilers

105mm main deck armour

40mm upper deck armour

127mm extended bow and aft belt

105mm citadel armoured deck slopes

356mm turret faces

280mm turret sides

203mm turret roofs

203mm turret rear

356mm barbettes

102mm barbette roofs

320mm conning tower sides

152mm conning tower roof

203mm rear conning tower sides

120mm rear conning tower roof

75mm torpedo bulkhead

Superstructure, bow and stern not armoured


Armament (as built):

4x2 406mm L/45 guns

18x1 152mm L/50 guns

12x1 76mm L/60 guns (dual purpose)


Anti-aircraft Armament (as built):

6x1 12.7mm machine guns


In early 1927, the two ships their first refit, adding an aircraft hangar that could carry one aircraft ready for launch and another disassembled. The now obsolete 76mm guns were removed and 120mm guns were installed.

The turrets were also up armoured and had their elevation increased from 25 degrees to 40 degrees.


Troubridge in 1927 with bow painted for world circumnavigation


In late 1927, Troubridge and three cruisers embarked from ████████ Military Port on a circumnavigation of the world, making it back to [Redacted] mid 1928.

Turret Armour (post refit):

457mm turret faces

283mm turret sides

220mm turret roofs

220mm turret rear

406mm barbettes

105mm barbette roofs


Armament (first refit):

4x2 406mm L/45 guns

18x1 152mm L/50 guns

6x2 120mm L/45 guns (dual purpose)


Anti-aircraft Armament (first refit):

18x1 12.7mm machine guns

2x2 12.7mm machine guns


Aviation Facilities:

2 catapults

1x CLF23 fighter and 1x CLS22 two seater scout

4 depth charges for aircraft


In 1937, the ships received another refit, bringing their anti-aircraft power up to the levels that was required to combat modern aircraft. Two 152mm guns were plated over and two banks of three triple 25mm guns were placed in their place. As well, the forward superstructure was replaced with a design that served as a prototype for that of later battleships.


Armament (second refit):

4x2 406mm L/45 guns

16x1 152mm L/50 guns

6x2 127mm L/45 guns (dual purpose)


Anti-aircraft Armament (second refit):

2x3 25mm triple L/70

8x3 25mm triple L/70 with 35mm all round armour

8x2 40mm Bofors L/60

14x1 20mm Oerlikon


Aviation Facilities:

2 catapults

1x CLF29 fighter and 1x CLS27 two seater scout

24 76mm rockets, 10 150kg bombs and 8 depth charges for aircraft

(CLF29 was capable of four rockets, one bomb or two depth charges, CLS27 could carry eight rockets, two bombs or four depth charges)


By the end of World War II the AA strength of the ships had increased considerably, which helped them keep up with more modern aircraft.


Troubridge 1945

Anti-aircraft Armament (Late War):

8x2 40mm Bofors L/60

4x4 40mm Bofors L/60

7x3 25mm triple L/70

8x3 25mm Triple L/70 with 35mm all round armour

38x1 20mm Oerlikon

6x2 20mm Oerlikon


Both ships of the class sailed together as the First Battleship Squadron 


Service Record of the First Battleship Squadron:


Formed 1920 with the commissioning of Hallowell

Federal Republic of [Redacted] joins World War II on the side of the allies in November 1939

Performed carrier escort duties in Pacific 1940-1942

Joined Second Pacific Fleet mid 1942

Second Pacific Fleet combined with First and Third Pacific Fleets to form Pacific Grand Fleet early 1943

Participated in Battle of Ponape mid 1943, Troubridge was heavily damaged and was towed to the island of Ponape (modern day Pohnpei) and beached to avoid sinking

Both ships scrapped 1952-1955 after proposals to turn them into large missile batteries were turned down, B turret and guns of Troubridge and Anchor of Halloway preserved at the Royal Naval Museum in [Redacted]





It's been a while, hasn't it?



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