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                                                                                                     THE 10TH SM                                                                                                      (https://discord.gg/hSAv7M)

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If you want a group that seeks a high amount of communication team-play and comradely the 10TH is the place for you.
We are not looking for the best WTR or win rates but that doesn't mean we are not going to shy away from those seeking a more competitive route.  We are looking for communication over skill here.
The 10TH SM is not just a WOWS Clan we have a large community of over a 100 members with events in holdfast nations at war as well as Sqaud, Hearts of Iron 4, and EU4


We also offer Bonus Codes for new players via the (invite a friend) click here "https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/invite/YKkgOK6"  The code will give you two premium ships :


Plus, you will receive:

icon_slot_Ojtpop3.pngTwo Port Slots

icon_credits.png3,000,000 Credits

icon_exp.png80,000 Free XP

icon_flags.png25 Of Every Signal Flagg






Clan Membership Requirements

      - Teir X-IX or Rental ship at the minimum

- Discord Account with microphone

- NO stat requirement, strength comes with practice

-If you don't have the right tier ship our discord server(https://discord.gg/hSAv7M) has members that can help.



Discord Expectations

-Everyone in this Clan is expected to have and use Discord

- Don't be a [edited](a lot of leeway here)

-Have fun

Join our Discord Server (https://discord.gg/hSAv7M) and contact me Art_inugami if you have any questions.

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