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Best CV match ever

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Ok, pics first, then I'll summarize:



Ok, most of the game I had to stick to hitting opponents at B cap because the AA Hindenburg and massive blob (7 ships) at A made it pointless. Wasn't until down to 4 (including me) that I was able to start wrecking up the scattered reds (who left AA Hindenburg anyway). It came down to me vs. their Bismarck and Essex. Was able to kill the Bismarck (kill #3 while within his secondary range and charged right at their Essex (in A cap), ultimately he decided to end the match with a ram!

First time I've seen 24 enter the match, none survived! Thought for sure it was going to be a draw, but thanks to my quick thinking, pulled a win by 3 points.

Reputation works against AA ships too, btw. Neither the DM nor the Hindenburg got 1 plane!

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Awesome. More patience than me for sure.

To me, personally; upper tier CV play is a pointless waste of time.

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