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The space ships aren't showing up in my port

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Basically, the title. I've surpassed the Service Record requirements, but I don't have any of the ships for the Space Battle mode. When I changed to the Space Battle mode, nothing new showed up. I would post a screenshot but the file attachment tool says it's too big to be posted. Is there any way I can fix this problem?

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Space Battles

Note:  Spaceships and their commanders are credited to players' accounts after completing a simple mission. If you win a battle on a Tier VI-X cruiser, four ships will arrive in your account—Galaxy, Aurora, Norma, and Zaya. For victory on a Tier VI-X destroyer, you'll receive Blue Aster and FlyFire. The mighty Alldestroyer, beautiful Paris, and elegant Hellcarrier will become available if you win on a Tier VI-X battleship or aircraft carrier correspondingly.

Shields at maximum power Commanders, and off we go! April Fools’ Day brings back Space Battles and a Space Port that will be available for you!

All you have to do is select "Space Battles" in the battle type selection menu; grab one of the nine space conquerors waiting for you in a personal starcraft—and press "Battle"!

You will receive:

  • Nine distinctive ships helmed by nine distinguished commanders;
  • A new type of battle based on unique in-game mechanics;
  • Dedicated—"space"—containers with valuable loot and tailor-made space patches;
  • And, of course, the rare stellar achievements!

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Twas also in the update notes as well!

Reading is OP ;)

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