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Practicing FDG

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Hello. I am practicing my FDG. I have GK. With GK, my newest tactic is to rock concealment and try to utilize full aspect of broadside surprise. Meaning I sneak and only really fire when I have a broadside to fire upon. Now some say there is a completely different way you can play this. My buddy rocks GK with no concealment and just does his best to pump out damage. Now I have my FDG in a busty AA spec. He's got BFT and AFT. With EM, AR, 2 dogfighters, and PM, he is only a 13 pt captain right now so that's all he's got. My design with this build was to try to bait enemy CV's to move there strike packages over me. By the time I had clicked BFT and AFT I was out of points for CE (concealment expert).


My modules are faster reload, fire reduction, turret traverse, main armaments protection, and concealment.


Now when I am doing a non concealment damage dealing build. I figure there are a few things for me to keep in mind:


1. Stay in tight formation with my team as to not be torped heavily


2. Continuously fire and reload at the enemy at all costs


3. Stay as angled as possible to enemy heavies


Anyone got any other advice?

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All I can say is brawl, brawl, brawl. Stay with your team but go in and pack a punch. They recommend you don't go in alone as she needs cover fire to escape so stick with your teammates

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I had initially run my FDG with a 16pt captain but found it garbage; I couldn't brawl with it because it got focused fired and eliminated before getting into a real brawling range or when I did get there, I had already lost better than 1/2 my health, it so sluggish even with steering gears that you couldn't dodge torps if you wanted to.  Not to mention how many times I pushed with a team, taking punishment and then getting abandoned by that same team, only to die for your efforts.  Now I still like to tangle with it, and only have a relatively low point captain, one of the last games was a bit over 166K damage but that is rare and usually have more games in the 25-45K range.  Between misses (thanks German dispersion), or overpens, and even broken AP shells, it's a struggle to get any really high damage much of the time, but it has no trouble taking damage.  Just a disappointment overall; my other T9 BB, Missouri is soooo much better in every way.



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BFT is a bad choice anymore for BBs, but especially for German BBs.

It's bump is relatively minor, and German BBs already have stellar secondaries, and quite good AA, so they don't need a buff there.  But even with BFT, you're not gonna be swatting T9 or (especially) T10 planes out of the sky.  They'll still get through and hurt you badly if you don't have a friendly cruiser nearby. And without Manual Secondaries, BFT doesn't make much of a difference to your secondary DPM.


German BBs do desperately need fire-protection, though.

Replace PM (which is worthless on a FDG) and BFT with Fire Prevention. Or at least BoS.  You'll live longer, and be a more effective brawler.

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