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CV tips

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So i just got my 1st cv USS Langley and was wondering if i could have any tips on how to be the best cv player i can be


Thank you for your time

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58 minutes ago, Jeb2209 said:

So i just got my 1st cv USS Langley

You practice in Co-Op game mode

Tips: lure red fighter over your allies cruiser whichever had more AA to help fight against them

Whichever first to your desire, dive bomb to get fire, and the player will repair, you then torp to get flooding damage since repair is on cool down or vice versa

Use fighter to fight enemy torp whenever possible

target ships had the least AA rating



you can check and memorized most of the ships AA rating by having your own learning session; open your game, go Port screen, check ships and see AA. Maybe make a list of ships with most AA. When game start, quickly check ships stat and figure out your priority target.

Mini map for position and provide aa cover to allies ships

Mini map for target of opportunity

Do not torp a BB when he down to 100 HP, go for target with HP and chipping their HP down so your allies can finish it. Game XP/credit award based damage deal

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Dont play cv.

okok sorry had to do it.

ALWAYS keep a fighter near dds, thus making them visible at all times. Remember those looking for excuses “can’t shoot what you cant see.”  That red kamie isnt op when he’s contantly detected. This is the only point for your fighter, dogfighting especially when you cant alt fight is a waste. Know which ships have best/worst aa and avoid/attack them. Wait for ships to take HE damage, thus diminishing their aa then attack them. Dont attack a ship with 1000hp left who is under fire from teammates, this is a waste, he will soon die anyway and your planes will be useless for the time it takes to reload. Dont sit still. Dont hide in that ridiculous spot everyone seems to think is the cv parking lot, dds go straight there to feed on you. Stagger your torps/bombs since when that player hits R he is vulnerable to burn/flood damage.

good luck!

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Congrats on getting your first carrier! I agree with the tips that others have offered. Lots of good stuff on the forums and on YouTube.

Lure the enemy’s fighters over friendly AA. Once their fighters are locked or distracted, then you can send your bombers in to attack.

Avoid enemies with strong AA defense. Try to hit isolated battleships. Don’t be afraid to delay your attacks until the enemy has split up. It’s better than losing all your bombers at the start of the battle while trying to attack a bunch of ships with strong combined AA.

Pay attention to the mini-map and watch your team. Keep up with the fleet but stay away from the front lines. Your aircraft will be able to support your team faster, and your team can protect you from flanking destroyers.

Once you get a tier six carrier, learn how to strafe and manually drop bombs/torpedoes. Manual attacks are essential in high-tier carrier play, and Co-op is the best mode to practice in.

When you spot the enemy’s destroyers, try to scout the area between the destroyer and your team-mates. If you can spot the torpedoes that the destroyer launched, your team can more easily dodge them. 

If you can, avoid leading the enemy carrier’s aircraft over friendly destroyers. Destroyers rely on stealth to perform well. Spot the enemy’s destroyers early in the match to give your team an advantage.

Carrier players often get a lot of hate in chat. Ignore it, focus on doing your job, and let the after-battle stats do the talking. If you need help with anything else, don’t be afraid to ask. Good luck with your grinds.

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6 hours ago, Jeb2209 said:

So i just got my 1st cv USS Langley and was wondering if i could have any tips on how to be the best cv player i can be


Thank you for your time

CoolCongrats on your new ship! The guys above have some great ideas, the forum and youtube is a treasure trove of information! And if you need any additional support, just let us know! 


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12 hours ago, Jeb2209 said:

So i just got my 1st cv USS Langley and was wondering if i could have any tips on how to be the best cv player i can be


Thank you for your time

Yeah, don't play the US CV line past tier, other than that there's nothing to say since you can't manual drop. I guess you could fake drop torps by flying your torp planes over the enemy ship and forcing them to turn. then fly them around to have them drop on the other side of their ship.

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General CV (the Ship) Rules:

1st: Always keep moving, even if it's in a circle.


2nd: Never rush up front unless you are willing to die very very quickly.


3rd: Look at the Minimap and keep an eye out for where YOUR TEAM is going. <Stay with the group.


4th: Also remember that other enemy CV's love to go after CV's. Unless your ship is spec'd specifically for AA defense, you will need the support of your ally ships or your own fighters to defend against enemy planes. HINT: if you don't see the enemy bombers after a good couple of minutes, automatically assume that they are sending their planes along the edges of the map to attack you.

Beginning of the Battle: before the battle >>> Always check to see what your enemy CV is and it's stats.

NOTE: Saipan is practically OP right now in its tier. The only real counter to a Saipan is a cv player that knows how to manually strafe or to play smart. Also, the Japanese counterpart (forgot the name) to the Ranger can have 3 fighter squadrons which really just means that, with that load-out, it can lockdown a Ranger completely. Ranger is good, but it will struggle against either of those CV's if they have gone for Air Superiority. When playing the Ranger, it is important to have learned and practiced with "Strafing" (Hold Alt). Otherwise, getting into a battle with either of these CV's will ruin your fun.


1st: Press "M" and get a look at your fleets lineup. Take note of the ships on your team with the best AA (Starting with "Texas", "Cleveland", most other US cruisers and US BB's Tier 8 and above, the Japanese "Kii", and certainly the British Tier 10 "Monitor"; but take the time to look up other ships with decent AA at your Tier.). These ships will be the ones that you want to get the enemy planes over. If you are going to engage enemy fighters, do what you can to ensure that you do so over one of these ships. You can also safely hover your bombers over them as most enemy CV's know better than to screw with a Cleveland lol.

In addition to the list of names, it is also imperative that you NEVER engage the enemy near any of those ships. You will run out of planes long before you can kill them. Only attempt to do so as a last resort.


2nd: After you have checked the list of ships with HIGH AA, look for the weakest AA. Take note of these ships and go after them first; so long as they are alone. Easy kills are still kills ;) .


3rd: Unless you are grouped with another CV NEVER attempt to go after the enemy CV from the start. I don't know how many times I've seen this; where a single ally CV wastes all of the first 5 minutes of a match circling the map to make an attack on the enemy CV. Unless that enemy CV is AFK (away from the Keyboard) you will never be able to kill it in one sortie; unless you are lucky or that good with manual drop. What's more, you will likely lose every single plane before they make it back. If you are going to go after anything that early on, go after the enemy DD's / Equally, you should be taking note of the enemy Fighter planes placement and steering your bombers clear of them.

Fighter Planes Rules:

Spot the enemy ships (specifically DD's) with these first off. Avoid dogfights as much as possible and only engage enemy fighters if/when it is to protect your own bombers and/or to keep the enemy fighters from spotting your own DD's. After that, you should use your fighters to protect your own teams ships from the enemy bombers. If your team is playing as a actual "Team", they should be covering for one another making their own priority for AA defense lower. Help them if you can, but also expect them to know to group up with other ships to help themselves.

If you do engage with another CV in dogfights, note the actual Nation that those planes belong to. The Japanese fighters are better/deal more damage in dogfights while the US fighters are better/deal more damage when manually strafing. If you are using a Jap CV, attempt to get the enemy into a dogfight near ally ships and/or strafe <weaker or not, strafing is by far the best way to clear the sky of enemy planes. As a US CV, strafe as much as possible and avoid dogfighting as much as possible; if you have a full squadron of planes (more than Japanese squadrons hold), you will likely win in a dogfight by shier numbers, but you will lose a good number of planes doing so. <Remember though for both nations, YOU CAN RUN OUT OF AMMO. <Keep an eye on your fighters ammo stock and retreat if it gets too low or risk losing them.

Torpedo Bomber Planes Rules:

Save these planes for ships that NEED to die. These are your de' facto anti-ship weapons of choice. Protect them and save them for eliminating priority targets. However, until you gain access to "Manual Drop" you should focus on larger/slower targets. Once you get the Manual Drop (aka "Hold ALT"), you can go after even DD's with reliable chances of scoring a hit. If you become proficient with manually dropping torpedoes, then you should actually focus on those DD's first and foremost. <You may be surprised just how much that single first strike impacts the whole game.

HE Bomber Plane Rules:

Randomly set fires and deal anywhere from 1000hp - 4500hp worth of damage. The damage goes up when you get the bigger bombs at around tier 8, but RNG is the determining factor for your damage output. Don't get me wrong, these things can and do kill ships, but they seem to be more of a support weapon than anything. Compared to Torpedo Bombers, these things will rarely provide the killing blow to enemy ships. <Their fires and damage dealt does however greatly help to eliminate a enemy. And if there is a ship with little health left, you can use these planes to finish it off quickly.

AP Bomber Plane Rules:

Don't really know as I've not gotten that far in a CV line. I will tell you this though, AP bombers against Battleships is OP. Those AP bombs will citadel a ship in no time and in about 1 to 2 rounds will either outright kill the thing or cut it's HP to nothing. Don't bother using them against DD's or smaller ships. Go for LARGE surface ships.


Almost forgot the One-Two combo: This is a bit of a messed up way of doing it but by god it works...

What you do is go in with your bombers, HE and torpedo bombers specifically, send one group of bombers in first (usually best to send the HE in first).

IF/when they hit and set a fire, wait and watch. The enemy player may just use their repair party.

IF they use it, wait 30 seconds. Use the match timer at the top to keep count. The moment that that 30 seconds is up, send in your torpedo planes.

Hitting the enemy now and causing a flood will just about kill that ship. It will be flooding out for roughly a whole minute or more, taking (at the least) half of its health down.

This takes luck (RNG) and patience to work, but it can do some serious damage with only 2 strikes.


Another combo is to use the Japanese 2 torpedo bomber squadrons and attack in a pincer maneuver.

Simply put, have each squadron attack from different angles to create a cross (X) pattern. You are just about guaranteed a hit or two (if not more) from this. It's actually still affective even if you are not using manual drops.

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It's really sad that you can't learn much playing Tier IV and V.


If I hadn't derped around in the Hosho back when I was new at the game (and low tier CVs weren't castrated), I wouldn't have learned that you need some standoff to let your torpedoes go or they won't activate.

Well maybe I would have learned, but it would have been in a Tier VI game and it would have been too late.

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