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Update 0.7.3 Downtime and Notes

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Update 0.7.3

The update is scheduled for March 28, and maintenance is anticipated to run from 03:00 PT/ 06:00 ET until 06:00 PT/ 09:00 ET


Space Battles

Note:  Spaceships and their commanders are credited to players' accounts after completing a simple mission. If you win a battle on a Tier VI-X cruiser, four ships will arrive in your account—Galaxy, Aurora, Norma, and Zaya. For victory on a Tier VI-X destroyer, you'll receive Blue Aster and FlyFire. The mighty Alldestroyer, beautiful Paris, and elegant Hellcarrier will become available if you win on a Tier VI-X battleship or aircraft carrier correspondingly.

Shields at maximum power Commanders, and off we go! April Fools’ Day brings back Space Battles and a Space Port that will be available for you!

All you have to do is select "Space Battles" in the battle type selection menu; grab one of the nine space conquerors waiting for you in a personal starcraft—and press "Battle"!

You will receive:

  • Nine distinctive ships helmed by nine distinguished commanders;
  • A new type of battle based on unique in-game mechanics;
  • Dedicated—"space"—containers with valuable loot and tailor-made space patches;
  • And, of course, the rare stellar achievements!

Rented Tier X Ships

As you already know, all players who played a Random or Clan Battle with a Tier VIII–X ship in Update 0.7.2, have received three special Tier X ships for temporary use: German cruiser Hindenburg, Japanese destroyer Shimakaze, and Japanese battleship Yamato. In Update 0.7.3, these ships will be replaced with three other Tier X ships: Soviet cruiser Moskva, U.S. destroyer Gearing, and British battleship Conqueror.

To get these ships in your Port, play a Random or Clan Battle with a Tier VIII–X ship after Update 0.7.3 goes live.

  • The ships are given for temporary use and will be removed from accounts with the release of Update 0.7.4;
  • Rented ships can only be used in Clan Battles;
  • A special timer will appear next to the ship in the Port to warn you about the remaining rental time;
  • You can't mount a camouflage of any type on rented ships;
  • You will be able to re-assign Commanders to rented ships without penalty;
  • Rented ships will bring the same amount of XP, Free XP, credits and Commander XP as your own researchable Tier X ships;
  • After a ship is removed, her Commander will be automatically sent to the Reserve, while the upgrades, consumables, and signals will be moved to the player's Inventory. Any experience accumulated on the ship is transferred to the starting ship of the corresponding nation.
  • If the ships have alternative modules like Shimakaze's torpedoes, you can mount them at no cost.
  • If a Commander is recruited for a rented ship separately, their specialization will be changed for the starting ship of the corresponding nation;
  • If a Commander recruited to helm a rented ship is subsequently reassigned to a different ship, his specialization will automatically change to the ship he's assigned to at the moment when the Update goes live. Commander skills, however, will not be reset;
  • Ships will be issued with slots, but the slots will be removed from accounts once the relevant ships are also removed.

Optimization of Game Mechanics

For the convenience of our players, we improved the Collision Avoidance System. The chance to collide with landscape objects is now significantly lower thanks to the improved system which now calculates such parameters as ship's length and speed as well as the distance to an obstacle.

The penalties to detectability range from active AA guns now consider the maximum firing range of these guns. For instance, if a ship has a destroyed exterior radius AA mount, her detectability range and the display of the detectability range of the ship on the Minimap will change accordingly.

Distinctive Insignia

In addition to the dedicated "space" patches, Update 0.7.3 will bring new symbols and backgrounds for Distinctive Insignia, which can be obtained by completing special combat missions. New insignia will refer to a common subject being Weapons and will include handguns, halberds, bombs, Japanese swords and much more.

Please note that backgrounds and patches released in prior Updates may now appear with a certain chance in daily containers.

New Effects

At the request of players, we added the horn animation to all types of ships except aircraft carriers. Now, the ship stacks will blow off steam when the horn is activated.


  • A special sound signal (ring) will be given when a battleship's main caliber battery is fully reloaded;
  • You can honk the horn right in the Port, using the same key (Default "N") as in the battle;
  • We added a new voiceover modification—"National +". You can now enjoy any national voiceover of standard Commanders along with a special voiceover of unique Commanders if there is one (HSF, Arpeggio of Blue Steel);
  • AP and HE shells flying at and around your ship will produce different sounds depending on the type of shell;
  • The sound of the torpedo tubes rotation is now reproduced without interruptions;
  • The ambient sounds (water and wind) in the Port will now vary depending on the camera angle;
  • For players who enjoy contrast audio, we offer the "Loudness Compensation" parameter in the Audio settings. This will allow for increasing the high and low frequencies at low volume levels (the lower the volume of audio, the better the bass and treble).

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Added a setting in the Port to display/hide the additional content for the Space Battles event;
  • The Engine Boost Modification 1 upgrade is now available on French battleships Gascogne, Richelieu, Alsace and République;
  • The ship searching feature in the carousel was improved. Now, you don't need to enter a full ship's name. Even if you misspell it or put in a typo, in most cases, you will still find the desired ship;
  • Every time the client crushes, a file will be created with the .dmp extension. The size of the file will not exceed 500 Kb. Such files will contain information about the state of the application following a crush. They will help developers to find out and fix the reasons that cause it.
  • When converting XP accumulated on Premium and Elite ships to Free XP, the ships with the least amount of accumulated XP will be the first to have their XP converted;
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Commander skills with a gun caliber condition of ["… up to 139 mm"] from operating properly on ships carrying guns with a caliber of exactly 139 mm;
  • Fixed a bug which brought up ship stats whenever the "H" key was pressed while typing in the chat box;
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the camera from focusing on an air squadron when double-pressing the relevant key assigned to the number of that squadron;
  • Fixed a rare bug that disabled hints in the battle-loading screen;
  • Fixed an issue with the number designating a ship’s tier merging with the name of the ship in the XP conversion screen;
  • Fixed a glitch with an IDS being displayed in place of a key name when mapping an action to Number Period in Controls settings;
  • Fixed a glitch which caused progress for a combat mission/challenge to get stuck in the post-battle stats screen;
  • Fixed a bug affecting the team setup criterion in Operation Killer Whale ("withdraw to the designated area with at least half of your combat-capable fleet");
  • Fixed a bug which caused the local weather conditions indicator to disappear after a reconnect;
  • Fixed a bug with the Priority Target skill not working properly in Scenario battles;
  • Fixed an issue that produced an incorrect smoke effect when the Engine Boost was activated on Charles Martel with the Scarab camo applied;
  • Fixed a bug with ships getting stuck in a collision with terrain in Sector E5 on the Two Brothers map;
  • Fixed a bug with a hint displayed permanently following an attempt to enter password for access to a training room in non-Latin characters;
  • Fixed an issue with bots showing poor combat effectiveness in Operations. They will now operate with the required effectiveness depending on their tier as was initially intended at the release of the Operations mode.

Map Updates

  • On the Sleeping Giant, Land of Fire and Hotspot maps, the disposition of key areas in the Domination mode will be changed: you will be able to capture four key areas, two of which will be under control of the teams at the beginning of a battle. However, players may encounter prior scenarios with three key areas as well. In the new scenarios, every key area will now provide 4 points for every 9 seconds when it is held by any of the teams. Each team will have a starting pool of 200 points. Similar changes were introduced on the Northern Lights map with 4 key areas, 2 of which initially under control of the teams. Such a reshuffle of the Domination mode will bring in more diversity and make gameplay on the Sleeping Giant, Land of Fire and Hotspot maps more distinctive.
  • On the Hotspot and Land of Fire maps, we made a minor change to the spawning positions of the teams. Apart from that, we changed the positions of team bases on the Hotspot map (Standard Battle mode) by moving them closer to the center.

Enhanced Clans Interface:

  • The Clan Battles log in the Clans interface will now allow viewing the results of the preceding 50 battles played (instead of 30 battles shown previously).
  • You can now decline several invitations to join a Clan at a time. To do that, tick every invitation you wish to decline and press "Decline selected".
  • Fixed an issue that didn't allow accepting more than 30 players into a Clan even if the Clan's General Headquarters were upgraded.
  • In Update 0.7.3, we’ve made certain changes to the Rules of Clan Battles (link). The Rules are intended to promote fair play and equality among all Clans. We made the Rules more straightforward, added transparent wording, and we’re hopeful players will understand that all violations can entail various negative consequences not only for a given player account, but for that player’s Clan as a whole.

Enhanced the textures of the following ships:


Content Changes

You can apply special space camouflages (available until Update 0.7.4 goes live) to the following ships:

  • U.S. destroyer Gearing: Flyfire
  • U.S. cruiser Des Moines: Galaxy
  • Japanese carrier Hakuryu: Hellcarrier
  • French battleship République: Paris
  • Japanese cruiser Zao: Zaya
  • U.K. cruiser Minotaur: Norma
  • Soviet cruiser Moskva: Aurora
  • German battleship Großer Kurfürst: Alldestroyer
  • German destroyer Z-52: Blue Aster.

These camouflage patterns will be available for 8,000 Doubloons and will provide exactly the same economic bonuses with standard permanent camouflages:

  • −3% to detectability range by sea;
  • +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship;
  • −50% to cost of the ship's post-battle service;
  • +20% credits earned in the battle;
  • +100% to experience earned in the battle.

If you really liked the new space ships, but don't yet have the requires X level, you still have time to add them to your port before the 0.7.4 update release. Interesting in-game missions and reduced experience conversion rate from April 13 till April 17 will help you with that.

The Revolutionary camo is now unavailable for purchase in the game client.

After the final Update in a series of Updates dedicated to the release of French battleships goes live, reward containers "Vive la France" issued for hitting one and two stars in Operation Hermes will be replaced with random containers ("More Credits"; "More Signals and Camouflages"; "More Consumables").


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