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When the enemy team gives you back the win

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This game turned into a good pitched battle and a subsequent Solo Warrior for a newer player.  I had been hanging back near the base playing some defense and not getting trolled by my IJN BB guns.  Things didn't look too good for us though as the enemy group that was pushing to our east neared base and they have a > 2-1 advantage.  We have a heavily damaged La Gal and Farragut and my Fuso at about 1/3 health and no heals left.  My teammates push forward and kill that Aigle along the way and push into the base that is guarded by the Cleveland and CV.  I make my last stand and pop the Gnevny as it's trying to cap our base.  With 3 more ships pushing, I fall not long after.  Farragut gets in the cap and remains unspotted, La Gal and Cleveland are trading fire and finally La Gal takes cover.  We have the lead on cap points.  Then La Gal goes boom.  We lose the lead on cap points.  There goes the match...except one of the enemy ships sailed out of our cap taking their points with them and gave us the lead on cap points and the win.  Farragut gets Solo Warrior out of the deal.


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