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Pensacola Upgrades?

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Just starting my Pepsi grind to make the most out of the split. Never fancied USN cruisers much after cleave so never grinded them till now.

Is it even worth getting upgrades or should I try to tough the grind out without them since Pepsi is kinda scrap material anyway? Guns are kinda nice but that's all anyone could say. Making note the reload is crap and turret traverse will be holy dog crap in its tier 6 form after line split.

Say you do recommend upgrades, What upgrades do you recommend?  Aiming mod or the reload mod (main battery mod 2)? Since this ships eats a lot of cits is the magazine mod 1 preferable over main armaments mod 1?

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I use all the recommended upgrades, though for Operation Hermes I converted first to a AA build, then a Secondaries build.  Turret traverse really isn't an issue, but use the Expert Marksman skill to improve it rather than the module.  Prefer the Detonation flag to the Magazine Mod.  And remember to never sell an upgrade module; dismount to Inventory.


Pensie is actually a pretty good ship once you get to know her.  Don't talk yourself out of an enjoyable experience.

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Get the upgrades, pepsi-cola is a poor tier 6 without them. Much less a tier 7.

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