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ISP's (cable packes) and streaming never the two shall get along

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I'll try to make this short, so here we go.

First off, we live in a rural area with only 1 true cable provider. The other high speed provider is a DSL one that offers a max speed of 15dl and 5up, it's spotty at best. So this company is truly my only option.

About a year ago I switched to PS Vue. We were paying around $250 a month for the cable companies "savings package. Internet $100 (110 down/ 15 up),  T.V. $125 (No HBO/ Showtime or any other premium channels) and Phone $25. It didn't start out this way. It started out with the nice 3 month special of a low price of $125ish and after 3 months it would walk up to the "normal price". I forget what the normal price was a few years ago, but never the less, we were "locked" into that package.

We didn't qualify as "new customers" so we couldn't get a new deal or anything of the sort either. So, I did what I could, I dropped everything with the exception of cable. Luckily for me, cable as a stand alone had dropped significantly to $55 a month, but it had a cap of 400gb's of data (they knew people were streaming), however with $20 more, you could go with an unlimited use. So I did.

Now my cable bill is only $75 a month right? Cool.

In comes PS Vue.

I get it all for $75 a month, all the channels I would want to watch, oh AND HBO and SHOWTIME....However, someone actually hacked my entire network. When I say entire, I mean just that. Webroots upper level techs couldn't figure it out, but they even got into the router... So, I ask for that to be swapped out from the cable company. Here's where it gets a bit odd, now I'm not saying the cable company hacked my stuff, though I'm pretty sure I know who did and will be turning over my logs, HDD's, SDD's, etc. to the feds here soon. But, when the tech came over (ya, they had to send a tech out to change a router), he said "Oh I have to check your modem too", I asked why, he said "just because".

Now, they have been out in the past and have plugged into it, wam bam, done within 2-3 minutes top. They check the logs real fast, signal, noise, any faults, etc. Nope, this guy spent about 10-15 minutes plugged into my modem in my house. At one point I had to ask him if everything was ok, to which he said everything was, he was just "checking stuff"...

Come to find out, the tech switched me from a Class A network to a Class C network. Ok, for those that don't know, he changed my IP to not hook up to closest DNS host.... In fact I now connect to a different state and my IP is listed there on numerous sites... PS Vue has been freaking out ever since he visited as well.

I have called their tech support line and they say I don't know what I am talking about.. lol However, when one day your IP is 67.000 for instance and the next day it is 204.000, each of those IP's are located in different states. Not to mention that their "fix" is to go to a site riddled with ads, appeal to it and hope that the site relays the information to "whomever" that your IP is in "X" state... Ya...

This happened because I started streaming, just be heads up on that as the cable company is not helping me in any way shape or form. The only way I am able to keep PS Vue going is by renewing it off of my cell phone (disconnect from the WiFi and ping off the towers).


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Two points BurnM. I may be an idea to contact the FTC re service issues.

Hope the Feds nail whoever the S.o.B, who is responsible. Good Luck.

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