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Triple tube Ognevoi?

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Out of desperation for the Aigle torpedo hit mission I switched my Ognevoi back to stock hull to regain the triple tubes with 49sec reload after TAE. Being able to fire every 49 seconds seems to help with getting more torpedo hits...and with it I finally succeeded after a teeth-gritting match with me stealth defending in my team's cap while firing torpedoes every minute...after a frontline skirmish that the triple tube's frequency of fire let me shoot at more targets than the quintiple tubes and get the requisite number of hits from there.

I remember some pretty big-name guy 'round this part entertaining the idea a year or so ago and to think I got to use it now...I think it's a good idea when you need torpedo hits and there's no Japanese DD to go to (and as you are this far up the USSR tree it might actually be less tedious to go through Minsk twice than grinding an entirely new tree)...and only for this sort of thing because you sacrifice almost 3k HP (and DFAA option, but who uses that?) for more frequent torpedoes...had I had that extra HP I might have won the last gunfight that finally killed me in the successful battle, but I did my job, and my team won by capping.

At least you can use the railguns with the triple tubes so you still have one important aspect that makes the Ognevoi with you...and full camo spec is a must because you have 3k HP less to work with.

Who could have known...that a suitable ship for the task is within another ship...

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If you don't have a IJN DD lying around, the next best choice is actually KM DDs.

They aren't particularly hard-hitting (merely Meh), but they have good concealment, decent speed, good range, and FAST reload.  All packed on a platform that is FAR more survivable than the fragile IJN DDs, so you have a better chance of being able to position yourself for a successful torp run.

I'm an IJN DD player, but for missions requiring torp hits, the KM DDs are where I turn to, since I'm averaging about 50% more hits per game in my KM vs IJN DDs.


For the Ognevoi, I think you're better off NOT shooting both tubes at once, and using the 2x5 configuration.  That is, put a 5-shot in the water, watch how they go, then put another 5-shot in about 30 seconds later or so.  A 5-shot isn't too much less likely to hit than a 2x6 spread, and you get to average a 5-spread every 41.4 seconds, vs a double 3-spread ever 49.5 seconds (with TAE).

But, as always, YMMV.

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