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all wins in clan battles last night till the last when

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Last night last battle of clan battles we had won every match till the last.

few minutes into the match my guns wouldn't go into telescope aim view so couldn't aim my guns.

Then had a perfect shot on a radar'd DD with torps, the dd was hiding from shells from my team while taking a cap.

There radar ship just used his and was on CD i was above the dd and it was exposed to me and didn't know i was there.

I try my torps and the aiming marker doesn't light for torps so i just use my cursor.

The torps i shoot don't come out the side im looking and shooting from they come out the other side towards my team.

they get the cap the match and a win streak for the whole night was over.

Some of my team tell me it's a known issue  but that doesn't seem right because its such a major issue.

I was in the gearing I know we were in the last group before moving into next league and will have a shot at it next CB night but what if this happens again?

I will be benched because your game isn't working correctly, If this is a known issue and is happening to others could you please make it a priority.

it also happened on another ship while i was in the hermes mission it didn't matter and I thought it was just that mission.

now its in clan battles and is wrecking mine and others games.

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