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ARNDT embarks on a new found voyage to compete, inspire, shine, and share to those who want to start afresh. We are a respectful and honorable lot. Taking time to communicate to those for assistance and that need assistance. Having fun and and getting the most out of our WoW experience is what our clan is about. 

The ARNDT Code of Ethics and what is expected. We expect that members will respect one another and respect our foes. Belittling and "keyboard violence" will not be tolerated. The "Will Not Fire Until Fired Upon" Rule exist. In other words, you DO have the right to defend yourself if attacked first. 

Expectations will be simply to work hard to get this clan in high status within the game. While we won't expect miracles, we do expect that you, as a member, will reach goals set by the Officers appointed. We also expect you to have as much fun as humanly possible. This is a game. Not real life. 

Although we know life happens, we expect attendance to be consistent. Over 36 hours without contact will get you suspended. Over 72 will get you terminated from the clan. We don't ask much, especially for those who aren't too social.

TS3 will be incorporated to connect us as well as Discord. These communication outlets will be used for training, group up battles and Clan Wars.

MISSION STATEMENT: Thru high tides and hell water, the ARNDT clan will serve, protect and assist our own and those in need. To be battle ready when the Dogs of War bark. To constantly better ourselves so we receive the respect and honor that we bestow on others

 QUALIFICATIONS: A decent WR%, and ships Tier 6 and up. Must be willing to take criticism as well as assistance when needed.

QUESTIONS? Feel free to leave a reply here or hit me up in the game. TeamSpeak 3 will be available soon.

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