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To the unknown DD player.....

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I forget your name but you may see this. Yesterday on Solomon map I was in my Bogatyr. You came around north island by yourself into MY space.  Usually in that machine gun fire spewing little monster I will generally get the kill on a lone DD when I am not distracted by something else. But this time....noooooooooooooo. You ziggged when I thought you would zag.  You zagged when I thought you would zig.  You wagged when I thought you would wig. You were totally unpredictable and cleverly drew me further and further away from my team mates because I contracted OCEAN RAGE (kinda like road rage) and I went totally on tilt. I laid it on to no avail. I only hit you once to no avail. You drew me further away almost to the back line.  I was stooopid by this time and should have let you go and gone back to help my team. I was firing a steady non-stop stream of HE at you as the Bogatyr can do.  I hated you! I know you were laughing at me. I decided to get even closer and turned full broadside so as to use all guns....then come the torps!  First time you had fired them.  I was too close to you. I tried to comb em but too late. 2 hit me and Kaboom! Dead Bogatyr. 

I salute you. :Smile_honoring: Great job and you guys won the match. You are a great DD player whoever you were.

I have dissed some DD players on here in the past thus I hereby dedicate this :Smile_honoring: to all the good and great DD players in this game. He was the best I have ever seen.  Clever.  Very clever. That said will you great DD players pls now leave me alone and go after other noobs.  Pls?  Pls?  I did salute all of ya. Heh

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