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Main gun damage mechange change proposal

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So I am proposing a game mechanic change as the addition of the french ships it seems to be much more noticeable of an issue.    the current mechanic is that taking a shell into a main battery will either disable it for a short time or completely destroy it (if it doesn't bounce shatter etc).   This is by a percentage chance I assume.    So depending on your ship, you can suffer differently from this.  If your in a Dunkerque-class or Richelieu-class losing 1 turrent is 50% of your entire main battery fire.    By the same note a Tirpitz has the same number of barrels but only loses 25%.      I am not going to say this is fair or not but only to expand on this very important mechanic.    Here is what I would propose

Turrets should be disabled in 3 different ways

  • Disabling of a gun should be PER barrel.   So it is possible to lose 1 barrel out of a main battery turret
  • Disable the traverse of the entire main battery but it can still fire its gun
  • Destruction of the main battery completely
  • Or a combination of the top 2 options

Why would we want this?    It adds a very in depth flavor to just simply shutting down a main battery.   If you disabled a gun traverse it would allow captains to still participate in the game but have to adapt to the issue.   Losing a barrel for sure will impact DPM but you can still function.

Why would WG want to change this mechanic?    It would add a level of realism to the game.   If I recall the quad gun of the Richeleiu below is a great example.   See on the quad main battery has a gap between the 2 and 3 barrel.   This is a large armor plate separating the gun in half.   Its so that the entire gun would not be disabled if it took a hit.    However this mechanic isn't respected because its not in the game.    I do believe WG stated it doesn't current work this way because the mechanic treats a gun as a whole.    If we switch to a per barrel logic we could flesh out an important mechanic. 


In conclusion I know this is a game and not real life.    So please understand I am just trying to throw an idea out there to possible offer a mechanic that could make the game more dynamic.   

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I actually like the idea of turret unable to traverse but still able to shoot though WG could justify the inability to shoot by the fact that they are repairing the turret 

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