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Belfast 14pt captain with IFHE

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What can I say but holy chit! In my first random battle with 4th skill level CE and IFHE the Belfast did 127K total damage, 291 hits, 6 fires while sinking a Tirpitz. 107K damage was done to three Tier 7 & 8 BB's and a CV with the HE shells.The BB's were mainly staying bow on or angled but I did get some broadside hits while I was contesting them for a cap zone they were in.  I fired mainly from my smoke and I normally fired from 14-8 km away using four smokes always to shorten duration in between the smokes and they elected not to try and charge me. It was a defeat and I was mad that I didn't completely kill their CV before the game ended. In the 2nd battle I played rather sloppily but still did 85K damage while sinking 2 ships. The IFHE salvos are netting 3000-5000 damage per salvo now when aimed well. I  The AP shells of course can be even higher and I've done as much as 9300 damage to a BB on an AP salvo. My best game in the Belfast so far is 154K damage with 4 ships sunk and that was without IFHE just a 10pt captain. Now my Belfast will be even more hated by enemy players. :etc_swear:

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