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Did aircraft spotting distances change again in 0.7.2?

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Source: wowswiki (last updated July 1, 20178)

Gameplay Effects

An active cyclone affects the view range of all ships and aircraft in the battle. As the cyclone increases in intensity, view range is reduced in increments. If a ship or aircraft is not within view range, it will not be visible. As the cyclone dissipates, the maximum view range will be restored in increments. When the cyclone ends, the cyclone-indicator will disappear, and spotting mechanics will return to normal. View range is not affected by a cyclone prior to the cyclone countdown appearing, during the cyclone countdown, or after the cyclone ends.

On Ships

A ship's view range is reduced in increments to 8 kilometers. Ships within the maximum view range will be visible to the player. Ships that are detected and beyond the maximum view range will appear on the mini-map.

For example, the default surface detectability range of Scharnhorst is 15.66 kilometers. If a cyclone reduces the maximum view range of ships to 12 kilometers, Scharnhorst will be visible to any ships within 12 kilometers. If a ship is beyond 12 kilometers but within 15.66 kilometers, Scharnhorst will appear on the mini-map as an unspotted ship icon.

On Aircraft

View range is reduced in increments. At the peak of the cyclone, view range of aircraft is reduced to 3 kilometers. Aircraft will only be engaged by a ship's anti-aircraft armament when the squadrons are visible to the ship. However, if a ship has used the Defensive AA Fire consumable, drop patterns of aircraft that are in range will be affected, regardless of whether the ship is visible to the aircraft. As the cyclone dissipates, normal view range is slowly restored.


What is not working as intended (at least according to the wiki)

  • Seaplane fighters are getting spotted beyond their detection range in a cyclone (3km)
  • Seaplane fighters are spotting my ship beyond their spotting range in a cyclone (3km)
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1 hour ago, Crusin_Custard said:

Aircraft view range in cyclone should be zero visibility.

Or obliteration upon launch, but for the sake of the game 3km is what we're theoretically supposed to have.


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