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Ideas on a Tier 7 IJN DD Premium

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Ship body:

Same handling as Harekaze

Slightly reduced health pool 12100 (Lowest at tier 7)

Concealment: 6.66km stock (Same as Shiratsuyu) 


3 x 2  100mm L65 Type 98 Gun (Akizuki guns)

1 x 4 Type 90 Mod.1 (Shiratsuyu Torps)


15 x 25 mm/60 Type96 mod. 1 AA guns

Consumables (4)



Torp-reload Booster

Defensive AA Fire/ Speed Boost

Any Ideas? Suggestions? :cap_tea:

It looks far more interesting than that T7 Cossack...


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If any IJN DD gets DA, it has to be Akizuki. She was purpose built for that after all. 

All the existing DD classes are in the game for Japan now, and you would have to go to paper. 

Also sounds too improved over the Shiratsuyu

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If WG plan to introduce a T7 IJN DD I think it would be one of Shiratsuyu's sister (Shigure, Yuudachi...) or Akatsuki sister (Inazuma, Ikazuchi). 

IMO they will probably create a Shiratsuyu with better / worse AA and give her both Torps Reload and Smoke like the old Shiratsuyu. After all they are already doing it for Asashio, why wouldn't they do the same with  one of Shiratsuyu sister ? 

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There were a few ideas tossed about putting the Type 98's on some of the older DD frames later in the war, but the only 2 items that were serious proposed were the following.

1. Placing the Type 89 12.7cm Dual mount on current Fubuki (all subclasses), Yugumo, and Kagero classes to increase their AA ability (This was around 1943 when it was considered) Until the new Type 1 12.7cm gun system was ready. Due to the bombings into Japan, instead of replacing the mounts, they instead designed a simplified DD and placed these new guns on the Matsu and Tachibana Destroyers.

In that regard. Picking any of the current Destroyers and swapping out their main armament for 3x2 12.7cm/40 guns with a much higher rate of fire and traverse speeds with more floating arc's like the USA DD's would be for a good premium as it was planned just canceled and instead the limited mounts placed on new destroyers which were designed to be produced quickly.

They would be unique and within historical reason. Because the Akatsuki's were considered a sub-class of the Fubuki's, it would mean an Akatsuki with 3x2 12.7cm/40 guns, 3x3 torpedo's, and some 25mm guns at tier 7 as a different vessel.

Hibiki is also unique in that the Soviet's could have her as a tier 7 premium due to her being a war-prize and rearmed with 130mm guns and only 2x3 torpedo launchers. So, WG could in theory design 2 premium's off of Akatsuki for 2 lines.

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might be a bit OP for T7



more pictures here: http://chippy265.blog.fc2.com/blog-category-7.html

It's Hatsuharu, as she was originally designed. 36.5 knots

3x3 610mm torpedo launchers with quick reloads (18 torp salvo)

2x2 and 1x1 12.7cm/50 gun turrets. (It would be nice if WG unnerfed the RoF to 10RPM)


The catch? Probably extremely low HP.

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1 hour ago, MrDeaf said:

The catch? Probably extremely low HP.

Nah, just a 25% chance of detonation when her tubes take damage. :fish_boom:

Seriously, though; proto-Hatsu looks like it would be a blast to play.


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