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Ah, Push it....push it real good

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So, I came up with this idea while playing on the 7.2 PT.  Pushing into caps with a Bismarck and Richelieu that are both full secondary spec.  Great 360 degree secondary coverage, solid long and short range AA bubble, and good speed.  Maybe a Tirpitz instead of Bismarck?  You’d lose the hydro, but gain torps and a spotter plane.  Aaaannnnnddd they both could wear their fancy campaign camo.  I tried it with clan and it worked pretty good.

What are your favorite pairs to take caps with?

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the richy rich with a speed flag and top tier is great for caps. even better for that 3 ring op specially with a British cruiser . i dont have a secondary build but if im bottom tier in it and  go for a cap i get eliminated pretty quickly . 

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