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First I would like to introduce myself.  My name is John Daley, ( known as JedMad within the Game ).  I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran, having served in the United States Navy during the 70's.   My Grandfather and Great Uncles all served during WW2 and My uncles all served in the post war years throughout the Korean and Vietnam conflicts and the cold war.   I grew up listening to tales from my grandfather and his brothers of the naval engagements that they experienced during WW2.  That is probably why I also became a Naval historian of that period and have researched extensively every single Naval engagement during WW2 including naval engagements such as took place in the English channel between German MTB's vs British MTB's, Destroyers, and aircraft, Wolf pack attacks on convoy, all the way up to the Huge battles in and around Leyte Gulf in 1944. I have been playing Naval war-gaming since the 1970's when I and some friends would take our waterline models of ships with our calculators and tape measures, and commandeer a local parking lot every Sunday in Norfolk, Virginia and spend Hours and Hours re-fighting naval engagements.   With the advent of computers I never lost my passion for the game. When I saw that you were releasing World of Warships I was pleasantly surprised at the Quality of the Game as well as the detail you have worked into the actual game play. 

As a pure gunnery/torpedo game World of Warships is unsurpassed.  I also feel that there is some room of improvement however.  That is why I have taken the time to present my views on how the game might be improved. I dearly hope that you will take the time to consider my thoughts on this subject.

I enjoy everything about the game except for one thing.  Carrier Play, I feel, needs to be re-assessed.  I used to really enjoy playing Carrier's...until they introduced the strafing element into the game play.  I do believe that the strafing element could be a useful tool for the above average player but I think that the idea that a single squadron of 4 to 7 planes could NEVER have had the ability to take out an entire strike group of several squadrons of Torpedo, Dive bombers and their fighter escort in one single pass.  Historically, getting a jump on an enemy strike could disrupt any attack in progress but think about this for a minute.  Could that single fighter squadron actually totally wipe out a large strike group that quickly?  As an example of what I am talking about,  If there is someone sending out a Japanese strike, of 2 TB squadrons ( 8 Planes ), 2 Dive bomber squadrons ( 8 to 10 planes ) escorted by 2 fighter squadrons ( a further 8 to 10 planes ), equaling a total of 24 to 28 aircraft or an American strike, group consisting of 1 Torpedo squadron ( 6 planes ) 2 dive bomber squadrons ( 12 to 14 planes ) escorted by 1 or 2 fighter squadrons ( 12 to 14 planes ), totaling 30 to 34 aircraft, and they are attacked by a single fighter squadron of  between 4 to 7 fighters how could those few fighters actually destroy ALL of the strike group in one pass, especially if that strike group is escorted by fighter squadrons?  My contention is that if you assume that every attacking fighter can shoot down one aircraft on that first pass, that would leave a large portion of that strike intact.  If the strike group has No fighter escort it should take several passes to enable a single fighter squadron to wipe out all of the opposing torpedo and dive bombers.  If on the other hand the strike group ARE escorted by fighters you must assume that, after that first pass, which would only take out only a small percentage of the attack group and any escorting fighters, the remaining escort fighters would then engage the attacking fighters  to allow at least some of the attack group to proceed on their way to their targets.        

In conclusion, I believe that there has to be a serious re-work of how effective STRAFING works within the game.  At the lower tiers of play, where strafing is disabled, Carrier play is MUCH more enjoyable but that quickly disappears as you begin to play the higher tiers.  I like the way that escorting fighters would engage any attacking fighters before the attacking fighters could get to the strike groups at the lower levels of play.  At the higher tiers where strafing is allowed escorting fighters have NO chance to engage attacking fighters unless you MANUALLY attack the incoming fighters long before they get anywhere near your strike group.  I have heard all the arguments against changing the current way strafing is employed within the Game and I realize that this IS a Game, and doesn't necessarily reflect actual historical data on this subject.  I believe, however, that once you have included Carriers into what was primarily a Naval gunnery and torpedo game, you should at least make Carrier play at least as effective, as far as the damage you can achieve, as when playing a straight gunnery/torpedo format.  I know that to most players and big gun enthusiasts this issue may seem like a minor detail within the game, but if you want to keep a semblance accuracy involving The Aircraft Carrier's role in History you must admit that Carriers gradually supplanted big guns as the Capital ship to this very day.  Carrier Play, as it currently stands, when you consider the High effectiveness  of AA values as well as the way strafing is set up currently, almost NEVER enables a Carrier driver to achieve the kind of damage scores as can any other ship type within the game.   Those of us who have achieved some success driving carriers would love see some modifications to how carrier play is currently configured. 

I hope that you will consider seriously what I have proposed.  I feel that correcting this issue would only improve the game and make it more enjoyable for everyone else.

Please address this problem. 


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