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People YEARN for a Competent CV It Seems

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I realize what you're saying and I'm not proposing anything that will radically change game play.  I only would like to the strafing issue MODIFIED to allow a percentage of the attacked strike groups survive the attack....especially if the strike force is accompanied by escort fighters.....


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I yearn for solid players no matter what ship class. Would i like a femmenly on my team, yes. But i am not going to turn down a flamu either.

That being said a mismatch on the skills of cv players is dangerous. One of the worst things i heard was 2 mins into a match, "well im out of planes guys". Now there is a highly detactable, paper sided ship, that moves like molasses, that represents a large point swing we have to realign to protect. (If its a close game)

However i think your post is really getting at "the evil sky cancer has no point in OUR game" comments. Screw that, it is just another challenge for a capt to adapt to.




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16 hours ago, NeutralState said:

Received 5 compliments playing T5 CV for a few matches during the weekend for the Aigle mission (30x planes). 

It seems that people are yearning, YEAAARNING, for a CV that at least is not horrific. 

Hope WG do a good job on the CV remake and solve this horrendous problem.

Feels guilty playing CV and clubbing mid tier, due to various very... colorful remarks I've made on the class and design around the class. Very hypocritical of me.


ps: lost 5 karma back to playing DD and craptalks.

I'm just fine with having a less-than-competent CV player on my side as long as the one on the other side is just as less-than-competent. lol 

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