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Republique fun but gliche?

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This is just some overall impressions of Republique.    I think she is a blast to play I love her overall.  But her armor/modeling have a gliche?     I am doing a full secondary build with IFHE.   I have had some great secondary games in her.   I find that being closer to targets at that 11-9km range is better then fighting at ranges of 14-18.     Not just for the secondary range but because of the armor issues.     The problem appears to happen way more with enemy cruisers.   I can easily bounce most BB incoming shots close or far ranges.   But cruiser shells hurt so much more.    Flamu posted a video recently about Hindenburg AP shells at ranges and I can for sure confirm with him...  they hurt badly.   I fear Hindy much more then a montana.     So I do feel there is something wrong or some balance needs to go to improve it.    She isn't the strongest Tier X BB by any means.

What I like?   She is fast and maneuverable.   I play cruisers often so I feel right at home.  Her secondaries fun like Tirpitz.   her guns shooting so fast do make it more rewarding then the full 30 second wait.    Having less barrels does hurt.     The trick I been finding is that you do NOT shoot the broadside cruisers.  I prefer when they angle as I tend to actually get full hits into them.   Broadsides always end up being overpenns.   Overall she is a keeper for me.   

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