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Alsace joins the million credit club

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This line has been amazing so far. Not a single ship I didn't enjoy playing. I'm at the Richelieu, coming in hot for the Alsace. I do have my doubts about the République, but no such doubt about the Alsace after I tested it in the PTS.

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Alsace is the ship I wanted to play since we talked about a French line back in 2013. I did kind of hope for a version with 16'' guns though, even if they never got around to producing the guns they did have an outline of what MV and shell weight they wanted when the option was canceled.

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8 hours ago, EpicFlails said:

 Whats not to love?

The atrocious accuracy of those 12 guns. It is my only dislike of the ship. Feels like they took the Kaiser's guns from T4 and put them on the T9 Alsace. The shells go everywhere except where you aim them LOL.

Other than that I agree with the good points you brought up (not sure on HE as I use AP from BB's). The secondary guns are excellent, as is the AA, and it is fast and maneuvers ok. Armor is in between US and KM.

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Get to T10 while you can, the nerfbat is sure to come down on many of the French BB's. Im only using Lyon but its already a damage monster, server average is just under 60k and my avg damage is just under 70k.

Or, perhaps the intent is to chase other BB's off the server, sick of the fires. Had an Alsace start 3 fires on my Missouri with one salvo...

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