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I have a Tiny Problem with Mid Tiers at the Moment

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This has been a fact of life for years, all WG did by putting out Brit BB's was to cater to the masses....:Smile_teethhappy:

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On 04/03/2018 at 5:58 PM, Hunter_Steel said:

I was in a T6 Match, no, multiple T6 matches last night as i ground through my La Galissonniere, and.... Have Battleships entirely forgot they have an AP option? I cannot tell you how many Battleships I fired at, and set on fire, and sunk as they all fired HE at me, whereas the few that actually fired AP managed to sink me.



In this one match, the ENTIRE enemy team fired HE. Not one of them fired AP. Not one. Dunkurque which possibly has the best AP penetration in Tier 6, the enemy team had a division of three, and they all fired HE. Their Queen E only fired AP at me when I was within 5km of him, and his AP shells over-penetrated me at that distance. What is this? Battleships are not like cruisers, they don't fire AP under 10km only, on broadside targets only. It's one thing to be broadside to a Montana in my Yamato that fires an HE broadside at me, it's another when I am broadside, at 12km to a Fusou, and all I see are HE rounds flying at me from 16km away. I fed off of the HE slingers last night. And only really had problems with the BBs sniping me accurately from range with AP, and the cruisers too. But the Battleships firing HE at me? I can understand British Battleships, but why in all hell would a none British Battleship fire HE from the very beginning of the match, at broadside cruisers?

WG, releasing the British Battleships has released a virus that has infected the minds of players making them think it's okay to quite literally sling HE and not change shells at all, not even for specific targets. Allow me to thank you for making players switch to HE, so they don't outright delete my Cruisers, and allow me to farm hundreds of shell hits and tons of fire damage.


The triple Dunkerque division firing HE isn’t totally irrational, as they can feed off eachothers’ fires and abuse DCP cool downs in a coordinated way. 

And, as a BB, you fire whatever ammo you have loaded at a target of opportunity, like a DD or broadside cruiser. 

But yes, other than that, seems like you’ve been fighting retarded teams. I hope you won! ;-)

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