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Support - AMD owners with FPS drop problems - PSA

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This notice is for AMD video board users.

I notice around the same time that update 0.7.2 came out, AMD Radeon came out with a new video driver update of their own. After updating both softwares, I then noticed the FPS was dropping at least 25 FPS points in WoWS matches at the most intense moments, such as 3 or more ships shooting at you, 4 aircraft bomber groups attacking your ship, etc. I thought the problem was with WoWS software since no other game had a problem with my video drivers. I then notice I could not check for video driver updates in the Radeon software console. I went internet searching and found there could be video driver problem from previous AMD video driver updates. I did the following to help clear my FPS problem.


1. Un-install all AMD software drivers using the AMD Drive uninstall tool. This will take several minutes to complete and will require a system reboot. Microsoft will then load a basic video driver setting. 

2. Run CCleaner - registry fixer. This will clear any entries of the AMD software. CCleaner will then ask you a registry backup question. You can back the registry changes in your documents directory. Once finish with the CCleaner process, you can close out the program.
CCleaner software

3. Reboot the system.

4. After the reboot. go to the AMD software download site here

5. You can have AMD software ID the drivers automatically or you can pick the driver yourself if you feel inclined it is faster. Install the correct software for your version of video board.

6. Once the new AMD driver software has been installed, you will have to reboot again


At this point you should be back to functioning properly again without a FPS drop. I did not realize there were duel video drivers causing the problem. This may not clear up all FPS drop problems, however it did clear up my problem with my computer.  

And for your amusement, here is a video showing my FPS/ Lag example problem.




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