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Strange Load In Bug

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So... I joined a division with a clan mate, chose my new Normandie, and clicked "Ready." My clan mate unreadied for something, so I unreadied to change my camo while he was doing whatever. While I was doing that, the "Do you want to launch or wait" message popped up, meaning he has not seen me unready, and clicked, "Battle."

I figured the camo I had would work fine and clicked to launch into the game with him, looking forward to my first game in the Normandie.

You can imagine my surprise when the game started and I was in the Independence. Not only was it not the ship I had selected, but it was a T6 CV, which crippled my team (along with the already pink TKer who shot my clan mate and sank himself shooting others) because I have not strafed or manually dropped in over a year (that's right, I decided I would wait until the CV re-work that was gonna happen during the "Year of the CV") and was utterly lost. (I did not finish in last place, though.)

When I got back out of the game, there I was looking at the Normandie, the ship I had actually selected to play.

Not the end of the world. And I am not raging about it. Just thought someone should know that it happened.




tldr: Unreadied to change camo, game launched, I clicked "Launch with my div mate," and entered the game with a ship that was not the one I had selected.

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