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Cyclone bug 0.7.2? Spotted by spotter aircraft in cyclone

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In one of the games I played after installing patch 0.7.2 there was a cyclone and I noticed at one point I was being spotted by an enemies's spotting aircraft and was being shot at by said ship (a NC) and their teammate (a Yamato). This was clearly not blind firing as they were landing hits consistently and I even got citadeled through the bow by the Yamato, while I could not detect them at all as they were well outside the 8km view range at the peak of a cyclone. 

I don't recall spotting aircraft extending the view range of ships in cyclone in previous patches. Is this a bug and have you run into this? Or have I just totally missed this mechanic? 

I always run spotting aircraft on my battleships when I can, and have never had the view range extended. Of course when my plane "spots" a ship in a cyclone it appears on the minimap so I know how close they are and in which direction but still cant "see" them. 

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I can try and replicate this. Don't hold your breath though cause its not the easiest thing to reproduce.

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