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How not to suck badly at World of Warships

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I've been replaying through some lower tiers lately and though I'm sure this has been mentioned before. Worth mentioning again. Some of these might not apply to experienced players or operations. But most will. And remember, this isn't about being good, just how not to be bad. And yes, I know I'm an average player. But I'm trying to get better, and some of these things I still get wrong.

I know a lot of these things should go without saying, but from my recent experience they must be said.

~ Know your win conditions. If you win, it will feel better and you get more money and experience. Know when to go back to base, or just sail away, because you will lose on points if you die.

~ At the beginning of the battle, look and listen to what the rest of the fleet is doing. Don't be a lemming. But sail with ships that yours will complement. A group of BB's alone with no support are easy pickings for good DD's

~ Don't go sailing off alone (unless you have the right DD and are really good, or you're a cv). You will die! And if you're in a group and the others sink, run away and regroup with the rest of the fleet. That means no charging into a cap alone. And along with that.

~ Know when you're outgunned. Discretion is the better part of Valor. Sometimes is better to turn tail and get away.

~ Be aware of your surroundings, and what's going on around the rest of the map. The battlefield and tides of war are ever changing. So don't become overly focused on one objective or target. Especially, don't go chasing after something you'll never catch. And keep an eye out for heavily damaged ships that can be easily finished off.

~ Focus Fire. If everyone in your group is shooting at something, maybe you should too.

~ Know the range of your artillery and torpedoes.

~ Shoot at the smallest target available that you can actually hit (unless it's a cv of course). Trying to hit a DD from distance with a BB is a waste of your potential damage.

~ And speaking of cv's. If it's the end of the game, and it has no planes left, shoot anything else first. I know sinking a carrier is very satisfying, but it's no longer a threat to your team.

~ You can't kill pink ships. Pink is not red. Although close. It has a bit of white in it. If you do, you'll turn pink next. I know this from personal experience

Ship Specific.

Aircraft Carriers

A bad CV captain can lose the game for a team. And is easily the best way around to lose Karma.

~ Check enemy AA ratings during the loading screen to know which ships to avoid. Otherwise you'll find you're out of planes quickly.

~ You want to find a place to be that's hard to spot, but not to far from the action

~ Don't dogfight over enemy ships. Their AA will turn the fight against you. But try to lure them to engage over yours.

~ Try to attack targets from an angle that minimizes AA fire

~ BB's should be the primary focus of torpedo bombers, unless you're under direct threat. Then go for it. Even at low levels it's hard to hit CAs and DDs

~ Dive bombers can hit DD's, but should usually be used in conjunction with TBs. Send them in first, and if they start a fire, see if the BB uses a repair to put it out first before attacking with your TBs. If you're lucky, you'll cause flooding. Major damage.

~ Never attack CA's unless you have to.

~ Don't go trying to sink the enemy carrier early in the game, until you can manually launch, it won't happen. Unless there are two of you and you see your teammate going for it. Then it might work.

~ Check the return path of your planes after a strike, you may have to reroute them around enemy ships to avoid unnecessary losses.

~ If you're fighters are just loitering, try to use them to spot enemy DD's in the area.


Have a definite impact on the game, especially near the end.

~ Be close enough to the battle that you can hit something. Not just shoot at it.

~ Your primary targets should be enemy CAs, and BB's that are broadside to you. But again, shoot the smallest target you can hit.

~ Know what shells to use depending on the type of ship you have, your target ship (HE VS DDs please), and the angle of your target.

~ Never try to be broadside to the enemy.

~ If you're detected and targeted from a distance, change your speed every 15 secs or so.

~ If you think you're the target of an incoming air attack, start turning right away.

~ If you're attacked by both TB's and DB's, wait for them both to make their runs before you repair.

~ Be aware of the location of enemy DDs on the map. Make frequent course changes.

~ Try to remember which ships have torpedoes.

~ Don't forget to heal. And unless you're low health, don't waste a repair on one fire.


Maybe the most important ship in the game. It certainly has the most roles. From AA defense to DD hunting. Some have torpedoes., Some have smoke. They do a lot. They also die easily. Some very easily. You will be a primary target for enemy BBs. Have fun with that.

~ Know the capabilities of your CA, all nations play a bit differently, and all are a bit better at something than others. Some have armour some don't.

~ You're ultimately a support ship. Protect you're BB's from Air and DD's

~ Again, know which ammo type you should be using. Maybe even more important with CA's because it doesn't take as long to reload.

~ Don't hang back to "guard the carrier". Unless there's an open flank and enemy ships will be incoming. It doesn't need your AA defense. But your BB's might. And they'll certainly need to be screened against enemy DD's

~ Some CA's get to choose different modules, take a look. Personally, I always choose Hydro over AA as I always know I'll see DD's and torps, but not always carriers.

~ Don't sail too far in front of your friends. You will die. You want to be just far enough in front of them to detect incoming torps and DDs, and if there are none to worry about, hang back just behind your BB's.

~ Some CA's have torpedoes. Yours might. Try to use them. (I still forget)

~ Don't blindly charge a DD in smoke. You will die. (unless you use hydro).

~ Don't chase a DD across the map.

~ And don't die until all enemy DD's are dead, you're the best defense against them.


If you want a ship that can single handily win a battle at the lower tiers, learn how to captain these. No ship type is as different amongst nations as well.

~ Know your role. Some are meant to lob torps, some are meant to spot, some are meant to be gunboats, some are even AA.

~ Even if your role is a gunboat, don't race in the cap right away. Let support get close enough to actually support you. (I always forget that)

~ Know what enemy DD's you can kill in a gunfight. And if you can, do it. If you can't. Run away.

~ If you're in a gunfight, use your turbo.

~ Try no to run aground. For some reason I still do . A lot. But if you're being fired at, pop smoke.

~ Use the narrow spread for your torpedoes, It makes them harder to dodge.

~ Don't torpedo your teammates. It can be fun. It can be hard not to. And some deserve it. Just don't do it. Check your map before you launch.

~ Asian DD's CANNOT torpedo other destroyers. They just can't.  The deep water ones will go right under and not hit. Please stop trying.

~ Don't shoot torpedoes at fleeing ships, they will never hit.

~ More often than not, your target is going to change course or speed. So try to adjust your torpedoes aim to where you think he'll be

~ Don't creep around the map trying to sink the enemy CV. I'm not saying it won't work sometimes. But the battle will be half over by the time you get there anyway. I can think of maybe half a dozen times it's worked and changed the course of the battle. Just not worth it.

~ Smoke isn't just for you, you can use it to cover friendlies who are getting hammered as well.


I'm sure this list isn't perfect or complete, but thanks for reading.

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