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My WOWS intro

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Not sure where to post this. Feel free move Mods.

#O7 to my fellow WOWS captains and this is my intro. I have been playing WOWS since March 26th 2016. And my name is Larry aka CaptHavoc1 formerly TAC_Havoc and I hail from Chesapeake, VA. For people who are going to ask me what does TAC stands for. It means The Alpha Company. I am now a free agent and I do have strong interests in joining a new clan or gaming team. And I am ready for that opportunity when it comes by to join WOWS clan or multi base gaming team that plays WOWS. I would like to join realism gaming team though. I want to point out when clan/gaming team does recruits me or bring me aboard. My headset are out service but I am looking at replace them. And I am versatile gamer, I have experience in FPS, RPG and MMO games. I appreciate history and I appreciate the every detail the developers put into the game. And I enjoyed playing WOWS, I like playing with historic warships from the past and the ones that were never build. And I also enjoyed gaming with good gamers across US/World. My dad served in US Navy (my avatar) and Navy is in my DNA. I know if my dad were alive today he probably enjoy watching me play WOWS.

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Welcome to the forums! Loved your intro. I'll go ahead and move this over to the correct area. Good luck!

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Hello Captain Havoc!

    I think you should make a video intro.

[End of the world horns sounds]

"In a world where historic battleships still rule the seas...One Man.."  (woooosh!   explosions!)

  " Takes them all on."


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