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Bug on last second achievement counting

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I ram an enemy ship in last second of the game. The screen shows me destroying 5 ships but no Kraken achievement appeared on summary.

I am pretty sure I should be dead after ramming, instead of getting Kraken, I was given a Dreadnought achievement.

This is very rare to be happened, since I literally ram him at the last second within battle time. Say between 19:59 to 20:00.

I suspect, it is the kill ribbon is counted first then later the Kraken achievement. Somehow, the game still consider I am alive even I have little HP and ram an enemy Montana. 

It feels strange that in the ramming process, the game thought I sunk the enemy ship but myself remain alive. This does not make sense to me since i consider both ships are destroyed at the same time.

Anyway, the bug may be difficult to replicate, it may only happen within the last second of the game.



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