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WOWS Enjoyment - Happiness...the Hope of Rewards...and the Meaning of "Git Gud"

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Hi All!  Hangglide42 again w/ a article which is probably not what you expected based on its title.  

Firstly, everyone has very different parameters and expectations wrt their success in a video game.  They range from the casual player who really doesn't care about stats or progression, but want to sail something they want & blow stuff up...to the competitive gamer who hopes to be in a Top Competitive Clan someday.   This article makes no assumptions about which you are or should be - if you can afford Premium ships immediately and just want to sail them w/ a low battle count, that's fine.  If you are jealously guarding your stats so you can keep them high enough to work into a competitive clan, that's fine.

Instead, this post is intended to help players match their expectations w/ information sources to improve their play to help them have more fun in the game.  In other word, if you've ever done or thought about any of the following (seriously, I mean - not just to vent):

  • MM is so unfair, I'm uninstalling!
  • This dispersion/sigma is <insert expletive> on this ship it can't hit anything
  • This ship is <insert expletive>...no one can play it!
  • I keep getting nastigrams in chat for my play
  • I can't afford my T6 ships already, how am I going to get to T10?
  • I won't play <insert ship type/class>...I always get deleted so quickly
  • The reward system is rigged - it favors <early players/whales/those w/ no life> - I can't get anything for free in this game
  • This Mission/Campaign is impossible, I can't finish Task <name your task>

This article attempts to match your expectations w/ info sources to help address some of your frustrations in thoughts or postings you may have or have made.  As such, it's structured as a set of thoughts or questions you may have and a link to an article(s) or videos intended to help your gameplay in these area to, hopefully, match your expectations so that these questions will no longer be a frustration (more pleasant than the common forum response..."Git Gud").

(A more comprehensive set of the links below and more info can be found in WOWS Enjoyment - List of Game Improvement/Mechanics Articles & Guides)

  • I keep gettin nastigrams in chat for my play

To start let's take a look at a general skills self-evaluation if you are unhappy w/ a number of the previous areas:

WOWS Enjoyment - Skills to Learn as you Move Thru the Tiers

When going thru the list of "unhappiness" comments to follow - keep the skillsets described in the article in mind and self-evaluate where you fall in-terms of ability to be successful using those skills.   A general set of competency benchmarks you might use are:

  • Do I get the avg. damage for this ship?
  • Do I get the avg. XP for this ship?

If there are significant shortfalls AND you have an area that makes you unhappy (i.e. your expectations aren't matching), keep this in mind an we go thru the laundry list of frustrations...

Here we go...

  • This ship's guns are terrible ....
  • This ship is <insert expletive>...no one can play it....
  • I won't play <insert ship type/class>...I always get deleted so quickly....
  • The dispersion/sigma is <insert expletive>....
  • Why am I not getting any damage?....
  • The enemy ship was almost dead - he's using a unfair aimbot - I was almost full health & he killed me!....
  • Enemy ship is using an unfair mod - how did he hit me in smoke?...
  • Every time I go to <name your cap> I get deleted....

WOWS Enjoyment - Ships & Shooting

WOWS Enjoyment - Shooting at Angled Targets

WOWS Enjoyment - Maneuvering (Kiting, Flanking, Using Cover, Tanking)

iChaseGaming - Definitive Guide to Dispersion (Sigma, Horizonal & Vertical Dispersion)


  • I can't afford my <T6/7/8/9/10> ships!...the Game economy is impossible!....
  • It'll take me forever to get the T10 ship...
  • It'll take me forever to get a 19-pt Captain...

A quick summary here - the Game Economy is most definitely skewed towards Random, Ranked and Scenario Battle types.  If you prefer mainly to play Co-op, there is a limited recourse available to you wrt the economics of higher tier ships.  The articles below explain the currency model, but the bar which reflects where your silver earning goes "negative" can only be raised by improving the level of gameplay.  For many players, the economic bar in Random Battles is T8 & above (i.e. you start finding games where you may lose siver on a game).  With some this may be T9 or 10, with others, this may be a low as T6.

WOWS Enjoyment - Currency Model

[ Edgecase posting [ Stacking Flags for Free XP (also applies w/ flag changes to XP & Commanders XP)

WOWS Enjoyment - Getting a 19-pt Capt. Faster


  • They say German BBs are good brawlers, but I just get killed...

WOWS Enjoyment - Brawling 101


  • I don't know where to go, I'll just follow most of the ships & try to hide in the pack
  • Lemming trains are good....
  • I think I'll go center on 2 Brothers (note: Flambass is a SPESHUL exception to this general rule - few of us have that level of skill)
  • Where should I go?
  • I think sailing around that big island should keep me safe early until the number of enemy ships drops

WOWS Enjoyment - Cap Strategies & Lemming Trains

WOWS Enjoyment - Lanchesters Law & Implications on WOWS Strategies



  • I can't play CVs for <insert expletive>....
  • The enemy planes are always deleting my CV planes...
  • I always get chat-spammed & lose karma when I play CVs....

The links below are from Farazalleth's "Fara's Carrier Guides".  Farazelleth is a Youtuber/Streamer EU Unicum who currently plays for OMNI - He is arguably one of the best EU CV players in WOWS.

What Makes a Good CV?


Ep 1 - General CV Information

Ep 2 - Commander Skills Overview

Ep 3 pt1 - IJN Commander Setup

Ep 3 pt2 - USN Commander Setup

Ep 4 - Basic Tactics

Ep 5 - Plane Control

Ep 6 pt1 - Advanced Bombing

Ep 6 pt2 - Neutralizing Enemy AA

Ep 6 pt3 - Advanced Fighter Control

Ep 6 pt4 - Advanced Scouting

Ep 6 pt5 - Flight Deck Management

Ep 6 pt6 - Carrier Sniping

Ep 6 pt7 - Dealing w/ Air Superiority

Ep 6 pt8 - Dealing w/ Being Bottom Tier

Ep 6 pt9 - What to do when everything goes bad

Ep 7 - Differences betwenn Random, Ranked & Competitive Gameplay


  • The reward system is rigged - it favors <early players/whales/those w/ no life> - I can't get anything for free in this game
  • This Mission/Campaign is impossible, I can't finish Task <name your task>

WOWS Enjoyment - Getting Ships/Captains to Maximize Rewards

WOWS Enjoyment - Ships to Have in Port to Participate in In-Game Goodies

WOWS Enjoyment - When Lines Split...

WOWS Enjoyment - Strategies for a Campaign (How to More Efficiently Earn Game Rewards)

WOWS Enjoyment - Knowing WG Patterns/Promos Prepares You to Participate!


  • I think I know all this, but I'm still not getting the results I want to gain <Unicum/get into that Competitive Clan>

Flamu - Replay Analysis #1 - Minotaur, Akizuki, Prinz Eugen, Scharnhorst

Flamu - Replay Analysis #2 - Hipper, Des Moines, Kagero, Missouri

Flamu - Replay Analysis #3 - Missouri, Charles Martel, Atago (includes Ranked Game)

Flamu - Replay Analysis #4 - Chappayev, North Carolina, Lo Yang, Amagi, North Carolina (includes Ranked Games)

Flamu - Replay Analysis #5 - Amagi, Atago, Akizuki, Amagi (Ranked Games)

Flamu - Replay Analysis #6 - Yamato, Leningrad, Izumo

Flamu - Replay Analysis #6A - Hindenburg, GroBer Kurfurst

Flamu - Replay Analysis #7 - North Carolina, Hindenburg, Akatsuki, Grozovoi

Flamu - Replay Analysis #8 - Hindenburg, Fletcher, Harekaze

Flamu - Replay Analysis #9 - Maass, Pensacola, Monarch, La Galissonniere


  • MM is broken/unfair/impossible - I'm uninstalling

The +/-2 Tier MM system in WOWS is a source of frustration to many.  Equally frustrating may be the "Protected MM" at T4.  I usually don't have an issue w/ being low-tier since:

  • You receive more XP for damaging higher tier ships than vice versa.
  • My game goal is try to be the top low tier on the team regardless of the outcome - if you do this, you probably pulled a fair amount of your weight in the game relative to your team (i.e. you did not disappoint)
  • It's very satisfying if you're High Score w/ a low-tier ship.

In general, the links below describe the MM system and its current limits and also ways to take advantage of those times you wind up being low-tier.

WOWS Enjoyment - Matchmaking (Everyone has an opinion, but here's what the math says...)

WOWS Enjoyment - Getting More XP Per Game

[ Posting from Edgecase ] Stacking Flags and Cammos to Maximize Free XP Collection


Hopefully, this will be useful to better match your expectations to your success!  Hope to see you out there!  o7


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