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Update 0.7.2 Downtime and Notes

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Update 0.7.2

The update is scheduled for February 28, and maintenance is anticipated to run from 02:00 PT/ 05:00 ET until 04:00 PT/ 07:00 ET

Vive la France! Continued

Update 0.7.1 took the players to the French port of Marseille. Some of them could get their hands on several new French Tier V–VIII battleships. Now, everyone interested can research any ship from the branch. Besides this, Update 0.7.2 will bring into World of Warships a new operation titled ‘Hermes’, and a limited-duration campaign named ‘The Gold of France’.

French Battleships

Now, the whole branch is available for the players, and all ships of the new branch can be researched. French battleships are very diverse, and what's more—starting from Tier V they are also very untypical. The three starting low-tier ships are 'conventional dreadnoughts', while Tier VI Normandie boasts three quadruple main turrets, and Tier VII Lion carries four such turrets! Tier VIII to X are packed with very unusual and unique for this type of ships consumable—'Engine Boost'.

French branch ships:

Tier III: Turenne

Tier IV: Courbet

Tier V: Bretagne

Tier VI: Normandie

Tier VII: Lyon

Tier VIII: Richelieu

Tier IX: Alsace

Tier X: Republique


Attention! After the release of Update 0.7.2 those French battleships that the players were given for completing personal combat missions will be replaced with the same researchable ships, their XP, upgrades, signals, camouflages and statistics will be transferred to respective ships. No items that were earned by the player will be lost.

Nevertheless, if the commanders for the new ships were re-assigned from other ship (but didn’t underdo retraining), such commanders will need to be retrained. New battleships had a ‘Special’ status in Update 0.7.1, that’s why commanders reassigned to them kept their original specialization. Thus, if the player reassigned a commander from Dunkerque to Lyon, this commander will need to underdo retraining in Update 0.7.2.

Those commanders who were recruited for the new ships will not need to be retrained.


Operation 'Hermes'

This new operation charges the players with the task of escorting a gold-loaded ship while fighting German patrols. The operation is made up of several stages: fight against the coast-based aviation, repel attacks of enemy destroyers and cruisers, and its final stage – engagement against German battleships which receive powerful support from mighty aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin. This operation is peculiar in that it features 'thunderstorm front' that decreases the detectability range and spotting range in certain areas of the active zone, and also increase the dispersion for shells fired at the ships in the thunderstorm. This is a brand-new mechanics that has been introduced in the game for the first time.

To make the atmosphere more realistic the operation will have restrictions not only on the ship tier, but also on their nations—French Tier VII-VIII battleships, and tier VII Allied cruisers (France, Britain and U.S.A.). When Update 0.7.2 is released, operation 'Hermes' will be an operation of the week for the next 14 days, and then will complement the rotation list of the existing scenarios.

Campaign 'The Gold of France'

Besides the operation, the players can complete a new limited-duration campaign 'The Gold of France'. This campaign will be available for four weeks starting from the day of Update 0.7.2 release until Update 0.7.3. It consists of three missions, each mission includes four tasks. Some tasks have unusual restrictions on the ships that vary from task to task, they can be French battleships of different tiers, as well as destroyer Aigle. Players will be awarded with valuable rewards for successful completion of the tasks. By completing the final tasks the players can receive unique camouflages for battleships Dunkerque, Gascogne, and Richelieu, and also 3 special French patches.

Visual Effects

  • As requested by many players, the speed at which water drops fall back onto the surface was changed. In the heat of the battle, when a lot of shells are hitting the ship and the water surface around it, the view of the ship's silhouette can be obscured by water drops thus impeding you from taking an accurate aim at this ship again. This effect is very noticeable when several ships deliver concentrated fire at the same target. The side-effect is manifested in that it takes quite long for the water drops created by the shells to settle down, thus creating a kind of a screen. In combination with explosions and smoking ships this can result in losing the target from sight altogether. That is why the speed at which water drops settle down back to water surface was increased, which should result in more convenient aiming at targets, and more effective coordinated salvos fired by several allied ships at the same enemy target.
  • The visual effects of the ship's wake were improved: enhanced the details of the wake on the water, and its interaction with light sources.
  • The visualization of all types of water effects and foam was improved: all types of foam (created by wind, breaking waves, ship’s wake) received more detailed texture, micro-relief; interaction of various types of foam (their mixing, conversion of one type into the other type) was improved as well.

Maps and Locations

As requested by our players, we are improving the game locations. In Update 0.7.2, three more maps were reworked. We enhanced the balance between ship types on ‘The Atlantic’ and ‘Warrior’s Path’ maps. These maps are now more playable, as more shelters allow the players to feel more confident while fighting at different distances, and offer more tactical options to choose from. The changes in the ‘Northern Lights’ make this map unique and more different from the ‘North’ map.

We enhanced the map 'Atlantic'.

  • For the 'Domination' mode, the two uttermost key areas are moved closer to each other, while the central key area was kept in its original position;
  • A group of islands in the south-western part of the map was moved closer to the center, the length of the central island located between key areas A and B was shortened a bit;
  • The positions of the islands in the north-eastern part of the maps were revised;
  • Now, the key area C encompasses two small islands that can be used as a shelter.

We also updated the map ‘Warrior's Path’.

  • Two islands were added inside key area A.

We revised the map ‘Northern Lights’

  • In the ‘Domination’ mode, the two outmost key areas were moved to the left. Each team starts the battle having control over one of the respective kea areas.
  • Now, the team scores 4 points for each 9 seconds of holding a key area (instead of 3 points per 6 seconds).


Optimization of Game Mechanics

  • Explosion of the ship's magazine (detonation) now can happen only if the ship's remaining HP is 75% or less. This value used to be 100%, which sometimes caused embarrassing situations when the ship could be destroyed by the very first hit if it didn't have a flag signal 'Juliet Charlie' mounted. Now, the probability that you can suddenly lose your ship when you don't mount this signal has been significantly reduced.
  • We enhanced the interaction between the shells and ship's armor during the contact. We also fixed the bugs that caused uncommon situations in battle, namely:
    • Citadel penetration caused by a HE shell in the areas where penetration is not possible;
    • Battleship detonation as a result of an HE hit from a destroyer;
    • Abnormally low damage caused by torpedoes to a destroyer with full HP;
    • Passing of a standard (not deep water torpedo) torpedo under the destroyer's hull without exploding.


Change of Camouflage Colors for Japanese Ships

Those players who completed sub-collections 'Uniform', 'Uniform Items', 'Awards' and 'Ships' of the 'Yamomoto Isoroku' collection will be able to use additional color schemes not only for standard expendable ('Type 1', 'Type 2', 'Type 5', 'Type 6') camouflages but also for permanent camouflages of Japanese ships.

Sub-collection 'Uniform' unlocks the ability to change color scheme for destroyers, 'Uniform Items' – for cruisers, 'Awards' – for battleships, and 'Ships' – for aircraft carriers. Alternative color scheme is the same for both permanent and standard camouflages, and it's also nation-specific (unique for each nation).

Content Addition and Changes

  • Added a Premium German Tier VIII destroyer Z-39 for testing by developers and supertesters.
  • Unfortunately, our cooperation with Steven Seagal has come to an end. For this reason, we remove everything related to him including his image from the game. Steven Seagal was replaced with John Doe, commander's portrait was changed, too. The respective animation was removed from battleship Missouri, the voiceovers were set to those standard for USA commanders. This commander keeps his enhanced skills, his skill points are retained as well.
  • When Update goes live the US Tier IX battleship Missouri becomes unavailable for purchase for an undefined period. We added battleship Musashi that can be obtained with Free XP and think that two ships in this niche are too many at the moment.
  • "Narai" scenario will become unavailable for indefinite time. We plan to make a series of improvements to make it more unique and riveting.

Tier X Ships for Clan Battles

Be reminded that the players who played a Random or Clan battle with Tier VIII–X ships in Update 0.7.1 will receive a set of three special Tier X ships for temporary use: Japanese cruiser Zao, USSR destroyer Grozovoi, and USA battleship Montana. In Update 0.7.2 these ships will be removed from the player’s account and can be replaced with three new Tier X ships: German cruiser Hindenburg, Japanese destroyer Shimakaze, and Japanese battleship Yamato.

In order to receive these ship on your account, you need to play a Random or Clan battle in Update 0.7.2 with a Tier VIII–X ship. When this requirement is met, the ships will moot in your Port.

  • The ships are given for temporary use and will be removed in Update 0.7.3
  • You can play these ships only in Clan Battles
  • A special countdown timer located next to the ship’s image in the Port will notify you about the time when this ship will be removed
  • You cannot mount any camouflage on the rented ships
  • You can reassign commanders to the rented ships without any penalty
  • The credits and XP earned by the rented ships are calculated the same way as for ordinary ships
  • When the ship is removed, her commander is sent to the Reserve. All upgrades, consumables and signals are demounted and stored in the Invetory. The XP earned with the rented ship is transferred to the starting ship of the respective nation
  • If a rented ship has alternative modules (for example, Shimakaze’s torpedoes), they can be mounted free of charge
  • If you recruited a new commander for a rented ship, this commander’s specialization will be changed to the starting ship of the respective nation
  • If a commander was first recruited for a rented ship, and then re-assigned to another ship, then his specialization will be automatically changed to the ship to which this commander is assigned at the moment of the Update release. The commander’s skills will not be reset
  • Ships are added together with a slot. The slot will be removed simultaneously with the ship removal

Balance Changes

Harekaze: Turret rotation speed increased from 6 deg/s to 6.9 deg/s for the hull "Harekaze 1-4". This will allow the destroyer to deal more damage with her main battery while actively maneuvering and avoiding enemies' salvos.

Other Improvements and Fixes

When using the alternative UI mode (Adaptive or Full in the corresponding dropdown menu in the settings>controls tab) current detection range of the ship is now displayed right underneath the aiming distance by the crosshairs. The value will change depending on how recently a shot from main batteries was fired, whether the ship is in a smokescreen, or if the enemies are using Hydroacoustic Seatch or Radar Surveillance for example. In the default UI players will be able to view their current detection range by pressing the "H" key (Show ship status) button.

Upon pressing the "H" button the ship status table will now be displayed to the right of the ship's basic info. This will prevent the table window from peeking ooutside the game screen at lower resolutions and it will no longer cover the minimap.

Improved geometry and textures of:

  • Iron Duke
  • Henri IV
  • Atago
  • Hood
  • Fine details for USA ships
  • Unique HSF camouflage for Musashi

Improved the ship destruction effects for:

  • Erie
  • Fuso
  • Graf Zeppelin
  • Karlsruhe
  • Kaga
  • Kawachi
  • Lyon

Clan interface improvements:

  • Clan statisctics screen now shows clan season number in addition to its title
  • Invites and applications interfaces are now combined
  • When searching for a clan for clan battles players will now see time zone-corrected days of the week for "days the battles are played" graph.
  • We’ve added additional Minimap zooming steps for the 3840x2160 resolution
  • Fixed the bug that made it impossible to take an aim when firing Type 93 torpedoes at the maximum range on Shimakaze
  • Slightly redistributed the HP for the hulls of battleship Lyon, the ship’s total HP value remains unchanged:
    • Hull A: the bow compartment HP was reduced from 1500 to 1400, the casesmate HP was reduced from 7900 to 7800, the aft compartment HP was increased from 1500 to 1700;
    • Hull B: the casemate HP was reduced from 9200 to 9000, the service compartment HP was reduced from 1100 to 1000, the aft compartment HP was increased from 1700 to 2000, and the superstructure HP was decreased from 2400 to 2300.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the game client crash when the player dismissed a commander after re-logging into the game.
  • Fixed the ship type icon in the tips on the battle loading screen (for example, when you entered the battle on Fuso, an icon for a cruiser was displayed instead of a battleship)
  • Fixed the bug that made it impossible to set a priority target for the aircraft carrier’s AA guns if fighter squadrons were engaged in a dogfight immediately above the carrier.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented applying the port view camera setting when the player viewed the ship they didn’t purchase yet.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the auto-pilot point being set on the aircraft carrier if the player clicked on the game window in order to go to this window after first minimizing and then maximizing this window again.
  • Returned the information about the action range of the ‘Hydroacoustic search’ and ‘Surveillance radar’ consumables to windows popping-up upon hovering over the consumable icons in battle.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the game client freeze-up when the player dismissed the last commander of any nation on the ‘Personal file’ screen. Now, the first commander is selected, or the window closes if it was the last commander.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the progress bar being still displayed as fully completed at Level 15 in the Service Record.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the game client freeze-up when the player clicked too many times on the ‘Yes’ button in the duplicates exchange window.
  • Improved the behavior of the Port view camera. Now, it doesn’t "fly" out of the ship when you enter the port after exiting the battle.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the game client crash when the player attempted to initiate the manual attack (alt attack) at the moment when all planes of this type were destroyed.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the Co-op Battle being set as a default battle type after exiting the Training Battle
  • Fixed the bug that manifested in the camouflage being not displayed after the player mounted this camo, or being still mounted on the ship after the player demounted it.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the word ‘Undefined’ being displayed when the player hovered over an emblem or a patch in the Port.
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes caused wrong plural forms of nouns in the combat mission descriptions
  • Added missing messages for the HSF voiceovers modification
  • Fixed the bug that was caused a failure to add rewards earned by the player for completing a collection to their account if the connection with the transaction server was unstable or lost at the moment of the reward addition.




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