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Hey can we get this dropped connection issue fixed sooner rather than later?

I was bounced out of a T10 match to the loading screen and attempted to log back in 3x times. 

I can see the Mini-map ships moving but unable to enter the game. 

Twice I alt-ctrl-del, and every time the same thing. First "boot out" I hit login and I was kicked back to the login screen immediately after accepting the EULA. 

Suffice to say I lost out on all my active flag bonuses and camo all wasted for the match. 


Ticket worthy? Maybe. But I don't care about recompensation. I just want it fixed. 

The worst thing is waiting for the game to load up while unable to join in BUT full visual of everything that your team is doing? 

Of course Chat is not visible; but anyone who has been affected knows that you're getting ripped into for being "AFK"

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Had something similar happen to me early this morning. Waited till after the server reset at 0400 CST to take out my Aigle to see if I could get a BB mission from the box you get for playing a match. Went into queue and match started to load. When the game started to load I noticed a map I had never seen before, I don't remember the name of it but it had "Test Map" at the bottom. The map had a HUGE island to the northeast (and I do mean huge). Then it tossed me back to the sign in screen. I hit "connect" and all I got was the little spinning thingie. It did this probably a half dozen time, would spin and never left the log in screen. I exited the program and loaded the game back and it did this again 4 or 5 times before it actually got me into the game. However the map was totally different, it was Neighbors and it was most definitely not the map that had been displayed earlier (I know Neighbors quite well when I see it). Course I was already dead since it took way too long for me to get back in the game. The only other feature I can remember about the map was some smaller islands in the SW corner of the map and some tiny ones on the eastern edge of the map. The center of the map was totally devoid of rocks, there may have been a couple of very tiny ones but I only got a look at the map briefly before getting dumped.

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Yep kicked out of game twice in as many days.

After the first crash (first game), my next game started with my ship being detonated with the first round that hit it.....called it a day! :Smile_teethhappy:

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