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Typhoon-Class Destroyer (fiction)

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The Typhoon-class destroyers were a class of six large destroyers built for the Royal [Redacted] Navy from 1929 to 1930. They were built in response to the revolutionary Fubuki-class destroyers introduced by Japan. The ships in were class were named Typhoon, Cyclone, Hurricane, Tornado, Thunderstorm, and Blizzard.



Specifications (as built):

Two screws with single rudder

Speed: 37 knots

9600km operational range


Armament (as built):

3x2 120mm L/45 guns in AXY layout (dual purpose)

2x4 610mm centerline mounted torpedo tubes


Anti-aircraft Armament (as built):

2x3 25mm triple L/70

6x1 12.7mm machine guns


Anti-submarine Armament:

two depth charge rails with 24 depth charges


The ships were not armoured except for 18mm all around armour on the turrets.

The Typhoons originally carried the same 120mm guns as preceding destroyers, although they were mounted in new fully enclosed turrets that could elevate to 80 degrees, an improvement over the 65 degrees of earlier open mounts. The turrets were somewhat top-heavy, giving them a slow rotation speed, which limited their utility against aircraft.


In 1937, the Typhoons received refits significantly increasing their anti-aircraft and artillery firepower. As well, oxygen torpedo tubes were fitted.


The 120mm guns were replaced with new 127mm L/45 guns in turrets that had greatly improved traverse and elevation speeds compared to the previous mounts. The maximum elevation of the guns were increased to 85 degrees. The guns themselves fired a heavier shell at a higher velocity, and also had a higher rate of fire over the older 120mm guns.


Armament (post refit):

3x2 127mm L/45 in AXY layout (dual purpose)

2x4 610mm centerline mounted oxygen torpedo tubes


Anti-aircraft Armament (post refit):

5x3 25mm triple L/70

2x2 40mm Bofors L/60

14x1 20mm Oerlikon


The ships had similar silhouettes to Japanese destroyers due to their turret layout, and as such were required in the Pacific to maintain constant radio contact with nearby ships, and to continuously flash identification signals if the radio is inoperable for any reason.


Typhoon, Cyclone, and Hurricane received camouflage schemes in 1937.



Tornado, Thunderstorm, and Blizzard received camouflage schemes in 1939.



Service record of Typhoon, Cyclone, and Hurricane:

see here:


Typhoon is preserved as a Museum ship at the Royal Naval Museum in [Redacted]


Service record of Tornado, Thunderstorm, and Blizzard:

Formed as Eighth Destroyer Flotilla in 1930

Federal Republic of [Redacted] joins World War II on the side of the allies in November 1939.

Eighth Torpedo Flotilla deployed to patrol northern coastline of France early 1940

Tornado sunk after hitting a mine April 1940

The remaining two ships of the Flotilla participated at Operation Dynamo, shooting down three Stuka dive bombers and a single BF109 fighter between them.

The ships were sent to the Pacific, where they escorted aircraft carriers.

Both ships were sunk during the Battle of Ponape, with Blizzard sinking early in the battle by Japanese dive bombers and Thunderstorm sinking when her oxygen torpedoes were detonated by gunfire.






I wonder if it's a good idea naming ships after bad weather...


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