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Helm, advance to 500 meters of the flag starboard aft aspect and hold us there.  What flag does, you do, hold our speed at around 3/4.

     Aye sir

Lets get guns trained port, fleets telling us we're to expect a very warm reception from Kriegsmarine.  

      Captain, weather coming in and flag is reporting an engineering casualty.    They may have to drop speed and any time.

       SIr Radio reporting intercepts bearing 253.

Guns, any moment now, fire as you bear, fire at will.  Steady as she goes. 

      SIr, rain squalls, very heavy, closing.  They must be under them!  Flag is signalling close action!

(secondary batteries open up, followed by main guns)

Helm, Half ahead, guns target starboard, cruiser, fire at will.

     SIr, Flag is stopping, they've lost boiler pressure!  

Merde!  Helm take us up beside her at 500 meters separation and hold up there.  Spotters port side watch for torpedo's!  That way we will at least know whats kills us will we not!  Ha!  And keep shooting at what we can see!

(minutes pass)

       Flag is repaired and is getting under way, Sir, flag signal enemy carrier is area!

Anti air stations now.  The Boche will be up in their Stuka's and they are very dangerous airplanes..we still have surface targets and..

    SIR! Carrier in sight!

Guns, sink that carrier now!  Ignore everything else, let the secondaries have them!


  We got very lucky number one.  14 wounded, and no major damage that we cannot fix ourselves.  Commendations to gunnery divisions.  That was very nice shooting at the end.  Flag is crediting us with 2 Destroyers,1 Cruiser, one Battle ship and the Carrier as "our" kills.   Open my locker for the crew mess this evening.   They all earned a glass of wine to lift to the Richelieu!



Operation "Hermes" on the test server has something different! In a word "weather" in the form of a squall(s) that obscure the target and really do make it much more difficult to score hits on.  Someday we may see this sort of weather in random battles (just speculation at this point!).   It's more interesting then typhoons.  and the weather effect does move across the map.   



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