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What is going on with low tier French ship torp damage reduction?

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As per title.

It seems low tier French cruisers are bugged and have a hidden torpedo damage reduction built into them. Take for example the following results from the same battle. The first picture shows 3 torp hits on a Nassau BB from a V-25 DD. The second picture shows 4 torp hits on a Friant from the same DD. These hits were staggered time-wise, 1 from the nose launcher and the other 3 using wide spread patterns from two launchers. So Damage Saturation is NOT the issue. I saw them hit at different places on the Friant. Note that even with 4 hits - it sunk only because of flooding!

This odd torpedo damage reduction happens with both the Tier 2 Jurien and Tier 3 Friant French ships. Please fix this bug.




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Just because you saw them hit different spots doesn't mean the game agrees with your eyes.  Could there be a code issue?  Sure, and hopefully it gets investigated.  TO help ensure that, I'd submit a ticket with a replay. 

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