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Fun and engaging! (Unironic)

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Came out of last night's play having had one of the shortest yet one of the best night's play in a LONG time, and for this the credit goes to the teams I played in.

First battle: Fiji, two brothers. South spawn. There was a bit of a lemming train over one side of the map, and after being not particularly effective there for lack of spotted targets, I came back to see what I could do in the centre, where our start cap was getting charged en masse. Not much, it turned out, and after a bit of gunnery I was fleeing for my life and spitting torpedoes out sort of half-blindly to cover my retreat. Unfortunately didn't smoke up in time during said retreat, which meant I spent much of the second half doing nothing but biting my nails, but I sank two ships on the way out for my troubles including a devastating strike on a destroyer I wasn't even aiming at (second time that's happened!!).

Thanks to the survivors on the team for turning that result into a narrow win; it picked me up enough base XP to finish the Normandie grind.

Derp battle in the Normandie in co-op: whatever that ship's faults, it is leaps and bounds ahead of the Bretagne. I think I'm going to like it.

Derp battle in the Vampire in co-op: not much accomplished, but it was fun.

Closed out with a Random battle in the Nicholas. One ship sunk (German cruiser that tried to hydro me and got torpedoed for his troubles), but two solo caps so I finished with best base XP. I owe that one to a couple of ships which stepped in to help with unfriendlies at critical moments, but a great way to finish the night.

And on top of all of that, my Corgi bounty got paid out! :Smile_coin: :Smile_medal:


Thank you to WG for what I was able to complete of the French challenges before I went on holiday, and thank you to RNGesus for pitching me the Bretagne and Normandie quests. I feel for the less fortunate, but I also feel very lucky to have these ships. Compared to the effort I had to put in to get the Vampire, once the quests had been served up I feel the overall effort to obtain the ships (including the whole of French Addition and the XP grind for the Normandie thereafter) was disproportionately low considering the gains.

And now with two weeks' enforced rest due to overseas travel ahead of me, I shall keep an eye on what happens next. Aigle is out of the question - I'll miss too many components - but there will still be some of her flag and camo quests when I get back, and who knows what the future will serve up? If I can win a British premium ship at any tier, of any type, or if WG makes Commonwealth premium ships cross-compatible with RN captains, that would top off my want-list for the year. And it isn't even March yet.

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