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Kidd vs Saipan

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So I was wondering, if a 1v1 between a Saipan and Kidd were to happen, who would win?

Kidd has insane AA that could put carriers to shame.


Saipan's bombers can easily knock out a destroyer in two shots.

So based on different builds, who would win?


No build, not captain skills and no upgrades.

AA build for Kidd and aircraft attack build for Saipan

Endurance build for Kidd and plane endurance build for Saipan

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My money would still be on the Saipan. Bait the defensive fire, then wait for it to expire and go in for the kill. 

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I think when you compare the two, Kidd has gotta come out on top. He's got the larger health pool and his reload is fast. Plus, I feel that Saipan is weaker to air attacks than Kidd but i'd have to test it out to see how it would play out! 

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If both players are skilled, the Kidd has no chance. The Kidd has a 'blind spot' when it can't be smoked and can't have defensive fire up, and the Saipan would exploit it ruthlessly. They would wait out the smoke, bait DFAA, and drop. I don't know if dive bombers would be enough to put down the Kidd.

Kidd has a max of around 30k HP. Lets say the DBs get a low 5k apiece, they would need 6 drops to kill Kidd. Assume fires are repaired instantly. For the speed of the planes, I don't know that the CV could get 6 drops in. They might need to be dangerously close, assuming there is enough time between 'blind spots'. Also, at some point the Kidd just runs out of consumables.

TBs could be used perhaps to better effect. They are much more useful at attacking a smoke screen, but easier to dodge by a skilled player. You don't have the three squadrons of Hakuryu to do hammer-and-anvil, and with a small ship and low rudder shift the Kidd would be very hard to hit. On the other hand, having two squads could be used to mess with DCP. Assuming you can get a hit with both groups, flooding will be a problem for the Kidd.

I won't say for sure what the Kidd's best strategy would be. I would play some cap, and lurk around an island long enough to keep Saipan from approaching it. At the end of this time, when consumables fail you, I would run for my life, and hope that the points I had accumulated in the meantime would be enough to win

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