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WG...please stop spamming me.

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This is spam...shot-18_02_21_17_21.32-0983.thumb.jpg.b85e89a69b07bd36e5981cd7e3ba2e85.jpg

Note the little icon in the premium shop window. Those icons are to let you know that there is something that you haven't looked at yet (something new)...I have looked through the whole premium shop at every possible option there is & yet this icon is still telling me I have some unobserved data to look at. I'm not buying anything as I have no money for that so could you please make that icon go away.

Would really appreciate it...& thank you in advance.

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It misfires on the news section as well... I've gone into news, looked at every article, marked everything as read and it still shows. It is annoying, both cases. 

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