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Right In The Citadel [RITC] is now looking for new members

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Right In The Citadel [RITC] is now looking for new members to join us! Good players, Bad players, It doesn't matter...Even if you can't hit the broad side of a barn, we can help you. 

Current clan benefits include: (more clan perks will be unlocked as we add new and active members)

  • +3% exp to battles using the USN ships
  • -10% cost to researched ships T5-T8.

Clan requirements:

  • Must be 18+ 
  • Mature 
  • Drama free 
  • Discord

We are a chill group of gamers that enjoy casual random matches and ops missions...with a competitive branch forming as we grow our members. Come join our discord and introduce yourself...one of the officers can get your application accepted in-game if you meet the minimum requirements. Good luck and fair seas!

Link to our Discord: https://discord.gg/9727ETg

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