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G-101 strategy?

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I had a great time in G-101...  Be aggressive. 

Charge BBs bobbing and weaving, and use the single forward torp to make them turn toward you, giving you a solid broadside for the full set of torps.

Same for challenging DDs.. make them slow down, and turn with the main set, and nail them head-on with the single.

FYI, you will die a lot perfecting this.  LOL..

Also, use your guns..   A lot.  This is a Run-&-Gun DD.

Captain skills Priority Target, Last stand & Expert marksman.     Basic Firing Training or Torp Armament Expert as level three depending on weather a 38 second torp reload is fast enough for you.

If you get to a 10 point captain, taking concealment expert will bring your detection down to the range of your torps.. Otherwise, you are torping while spotted.

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OMG V-170 IS A SUPER crapAT TIER 4!!!!

Super stealthy, fast-firing guns, great stealth torp range.  Build it as a hydrid, spec hard into TAE and BFT, concealment, survivability, and be aggressive.  It is my favorite ship at Tier 4. 

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