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19 point commander question

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So I have a few 10 point commanders with a 1 point 2 point 3 point and 4 point skills respectively.   Do I finish the 19 points with 2 more 4 point skills and a 1 or is it dependent on the ship? 


Also I have been using the recommended skills in wiki to select skills is this a good method ?

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It is entirely dependent on the ship, even inside lines.

If you want a good build you can always ask here or check http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc in the recommended build section. Compare those results with the wiki, play the ship the way you wan to.

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My Amagi captain, who also serves on my premium IJN BBs.


pick the skills that best serve your play style.  just because its a tier 4 skill doesnt mean it makes sense verses taking some "lower" tier skills.



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As the others have said pick skills that benefit the ship you are on.  If you are thinking of moving him consider what ship you are going to move him to as well.

The wiki suggestions are a good place to start, you can also

  • check out community contributors on youtube like Flamu and Notser who detail what their selections are and why for particular ships.
  • Search for your ship on the forums, many of ship specific captain builds have been discussed at length.
  • Post a specific query on the forum


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Adding to those above, check YouTube as well.

Notser, Flamu, iChasegaming, Flambass, etc..

They usually tell you what they are running, or give suggested builds.

Look for the most up to date vid as you can.

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Personally, I've found a 3x4 +1 Lv19 cmdr with the following build to be a "safe" selection of skills.

PT - LS - SI - CE, AFT, IFHE - PM 

PT and PM are interchangeable for whichever you prefer first. But save the second on for the very end. 

LS will less useful for a BB and some CAs, if the nation he belongs to has a Prem DD, it makes him sitting in it more bearable. An alternative option would be EM or AR. 

AFT is always a nice to have. It buffs Secondaries and AA ranges which is useful for CQBs and CV combat. And if he's sitting in a DD, a nice range booster if you ever decide to use guns. 

IFHE, while clearly not a BB skill nor overly effective for 203s, does help out most DDs when they decide to use guns. And the biggest thing to remember is that ALL ships bigger than a DD have some form of DD MBs as their secondary battery; DP 127s, DP 10cm, ect.

But if he's not bouncing around Prems you own and sticking to a specific type of ship. Then you might want to look into 2x4 +5 builds floating around. Or if nothing outside of CE looks interesting, a 1x4 +9 build has a lot of variants based in ship type and playstyle. 

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