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Clan Battles

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The first several days of Clan battles have got off to a fast start with several teams off to a hot start.

Other teams are still trying to find that combination of players,ships and a good strategy.

But looking through the the leagues you see ZR and -K-  ahead of the pack.

Can -K- catch ZR?   will anyone catch ZR?  with so much time left in the season anything is possible.

Storm league as usual is packed full of teams who take 3 steps forward and 2 steps back almost every game night.

The key is to make sure you beat who you are suppose to and be competitive against the teams better than you.

If you can get a good win and earn big points it gives you some breathing room and takes the pressure off just a bit.

The lower leagues are full of teams just glad to have the chance to compete and have some fun.

Lots of rental Zao's and not much strategy but they do compete and sometimes come together to steal a victory away from a team in a higher league.

I had a chance for the first time to play DD for my clan last night out of necessity and for 3 games i did good.

But the next 3 once we went up against the likes of Quality potatoes, Impact, and 5D first feet in a row.... I realized i have some adjustments to make lol.

But anyway hope everyone is having fun and is achieving their weekly goals in Clan Battles.

Good luck and smooth sailing tonight.



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ZR is running more then one team, I know that my clan faces ZR at lest once every CB session if not more and that was when we were in storm.

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