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Matchmaker, what the [edited] happened yesterday?

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So... Friday night I was the welcome recipient of 24 premium hours, and yesterday I had a lot of time on my hands in which to use it. And being somewhere in the 80K XP range on the Fiji, I thought the Edinburgh would surely not be that difficult a grind... (The alternative was to try to upgrade the Nicholas, but I'm not as familiar with or as competent in her and I was worried the effort would be wasted.) I got off to a cracking good start.

Oh. Wow.

I have NEVER been in so many lost (random) games.

I have never been the last survivor in so many of those games.

I have never been BEST ON TEAM in so many games (I am almost NEVER best on team).

You know how it's often asked how you know it's you or the team that sucked? I can't be absolutely sure, but I suspect the combination of all those things occurring together means that it (mostly) wasn't me.

Still, there were a few bright spots: Occasional wins (including one nail-biter) to break the losing streak, a Corgi Captain's scalp to hang from my belt, :Smile_medal: all three containers picked up in one day for only the second time ever... and I finished the Fiji-Edinburgh grind. My Fiji is a Free XP earner, hooray!!! (And I have a much increased store of FXP and the Fiji Captain is nearly halfway to his 12th point) And those 24 free hours were well used.

(Of course now my problems are sort of just beginning again, because a fully upgraded Fiji with an 11 point captain walks all over my fresh-out-of-factory Edinburgh with a one-pointer and without any gimmicks on, and in co-op she's a money loser even with a premium account, but that's just the nature of the beast.)

After yesterday's marathon effort, tonight is a night for derping in small botes.

Going forward:

That Fiji captain is staying RIGHT WHERE HE IS. T7 is my ceiling for regular hardcore random play, and the retraining cost is not something I want to think about.

The Edinburgh gets brought out for one game at the start, and the slow painful grind through the T8-limited permanent missions (and the captain and hull upgrades) begins. Then I derp in the smalls to make up the cash drain. :Smile_teethhappy:

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