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2 CVs per battle

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Id love to see 2 CVs per side at T8. I miss the old days of T9-10 with 2 CVs as well, clear sky was achievable then. I don't recall ever the floor stomping of teams with bad CVs and how frustrating that was! well maybe!

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2 hours ago, wstugamd said:

My Cleveland or Baltimore don’t seem to mind two cvs. 

When driving my Cleveland, I never see any CVs. Not that I'll ever miss the fun killing things.

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4 hours ago, CLUCH_CARGO said:

I say leave them in just another learning curve.

Best learning curve for not CVs and surface ships was the old 1v0 MM. 

What better place to practice Manual Strikes against PCPs? NPCs hardly dodge. 

Likewise it was the best way to learn (the hard way) that it's probably unwise to attempt a CV strike against a USN CA or BB in the early stages of a match. 

The reverse was also True, nowadays if your CV's a Potato your pretty much screwed; BUT because you have a CV on your side you Expect limited Air Cover. And when that isn't provided it's #rageagainsttheCV. In the 1v0 MM when you rolled the 0 CV, you knew well in advance there is no friendly Air Cover. So as a Team, you adjusted your playstyle and gameplan to counter their CV. 

I think the only issues I've got and seen with 2v2 CV MM, is when the combination of CVs are mixed Tiers. From what I've read (it's been a long while since I've used a CV), there an opportunity where 1 CV is unable to use Manual strike/strafe whereas the other CV is capable.

If anything changes for the 2v2 CV MM then not allowing the above combination to occur should be factored in MM. 

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