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They came in 3's today.

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I had 3 Double strikes in my last 10 battles, i think the Sierra Mike sigs should not be once every 24 hours.




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19 minutes ago, Final8ty said:

I have seen triple strikes, pitty no achievements for it.

Completely agree, with this and your original post.  Some achievements are so rare, I think they deserve rewards more than once a day if you can earn them.


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Got what would have probably been my first triple strike yesterday. Having a very mediocre game in my yugumo and headed to assist a fellow Fletcher against an opfor Fletcher. On the way I dropped a double spread at a Baltimore and a second double spread against a mogami, then immediately forgot about them as I was now in position to help my fellow Fletcher who succumbed right then. I proceeded to finish off the Fletcher and was rewarded with a double strike medal. As I was trying to remember I had sent Torps out I then received a dev strike. My Fletcher capt then gives me a pat on the back while I'm still putting together what happened. Turned a weak game into an awesome one in such a short time. 

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